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Friday, 7 October 2016

Above Staveley - Thursday walk with Pete

Thursday 6th October '16

Normal walking pants have replaced shorts. My Paramo Cascada jacket has come out of hibernation. As far as I can remember I bought that jacket in a blur moment  back in 2006 at the gear shop in Braemar.

"Blur moments" entered the family lexicon years ago when an older version of this card was sent on one of our birthdays

I was aware that the waist cord threaded through the Cascada had worn through the fabric and four or five inches were hanging loose from the rear.

Recommended retail price for a new one is £220. Thanks to Gayle I found there is an eBay site selling discounted, new Paramo and I have replaced it for £179.00. Whilst deliberating I emailed Paramo, mainly to find out what the difference is between the Cascada and the Alta, it not being at all clear on their website, and I had this reply from Ken Mulley:

Dear Conrad

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Cascada jacket is the original, most basic (and most popular) of the jackets produced by Páramo.
The Alta jacket is very similar but has more pockets and venting zips.

The new Alta111 jacket doesn’t have the cord in the back – so this shouldn’t be a problem in the way that it has been on the Cascada.

We do have a repairs/alterations workshop where the jacket could be repaired (for a reasonable charge) – if you wish to use this service please print off the attached returns form, complete it and return it with the garment to the address shown.
Once our workshop have assessed the garment they will write to advise you.
Just so you are aware though – there is about a 4 – 6 week turnaround.

We also have a recycling scheme  - if you are interested please follow the link below for full details of this.

As it happened there was no need for the new jacket on our walk with almost balmy summer weather.

Brunt Knott and good-to-be-alive Lake District scenery

Zoom to Crinklebank Crag above Longsleddale

Distant Kentmere

I took this because of the attractive stonework porch on the unwhitewashed cottage,
see close-up below. Kentmere Pike top left

This seriously challenged the camera. I've tried with Photoshop, but it was an interesting little building on the other side of the road from the cottages above - stone shelves inside. maybe an ice-house?

Our Tarmac changed to track, then footpath - see map below

Kentmere Pike


Katie update (coming up five!)

A family visit to Coniston last weekend - click to enlarge.


The Crow said...

Did Katie catch anything? She's growing into a very lovely girl.

Roderick Robinson said...

The pic that challenged the camera is interesting. Photoshop has a ridiculous amount of options most of which, for me, are mere background noise. One option is the gradual elimination of detail in the process whereby a photograph eventually becomes a line drawing. This has started to happen willy-nilly with the area of grass in the centre; the texture of the grass is slowly being lost (another blur moment, you could say) and the grass is halfway towards becoming a solid block of colour, and not very interesting visually (cf. the wall in the foreground). However this effect is not being achieved with Photoshop but with the camera or rather with the zoom facility on the computer. Double-click on the pic and the grass detail is restored. No doubt everybody but me was aware of this transformation but I can't remember anyone trying to explain it before. Perhaps it's just too obvious.

afootinthehills said...

Lynne's Cascada bought in the late nineties is still going strong. In fact she's worn it a couple of times on this holiday. I've been using my Velez smock and am picking up the new Velez Jacket on our way home - whenever that may be.

The rut is in full swing so you would be in your element here at the moment Conrad.