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Monday, 28 November 2016

Wyre Way in sections (5)

Sunday 27th November '16

It's a struggle getting up early on these cold, dark mornings, but it means I can be back home by mid afternoon to enjoy a hot bath, a good meal, and an evening of lowbrow entertainment on the tele.
The Wyre Way seems to become less inspiring as I squelch across muddy fields, and further on stumble over plastic bottles, driftwood and other detritus as the river becomes tidal.

Squelchy fields...

...and more squelchy fields (different colour this time)

We've got a funny chimmney

Back to the Wyre, now tidal - I was puzzled because it was flowing the wrong way - tide coming in

Jungle - many plastic bottles underfoot

And more squelch - if you really want to enhance your experience, click to enlarge

Shard Bridge.
 The walk will eventually finish at the lefthand end after continuing up this right bank to Knott End and crossing on the ferry to come back down the other side

Massive pylons take electricity across the Wyre

From Wikipedia:
Out Rawcliffe is a village and civil parish on the north bank of the River Wyre in the Over Wyre area of the Fylde in Lancashire, England... 
... The village has one Anglican church, Out Rawcliffe St John Church, built in 1838 in the Romanesque style by John Deerhurst, the year after he had designed Preston Prison.

I think he must have been suffering from depression after the prison experience - this is one of the ugliest buildings I have seen for a while - (Grade 2 listed)

Click to enlarge - I walked anticlockwise on the Wyre Way (green) from Ratten Row to Hambleton and back on the blue route. The eventual finish and proposed return can be seen arriving at the other side of Shard Bridge


Anonymous said...

Did you not get attacked by dogs at Waterside Farm?
Get this 'Way' finished and we'll do something more interesting.

Sir Hugh said...

bowlandclimber - Saw no dogs, BUT.. I mistakenly took the track from the farm heading generally north west, then when I rejoined The Way, again mistakenly, took the wrong path coming back on myself because it was signposted for Wyre Way.

Anonymous said...

Don't think you need worry the Wyre Way in that area was rather vague. You were lucky to see a Wyre Way signpost.

Ruth Livingstone said...

I admire your perseverance. Mud, mud and mud. It's the worst thing about winter walking. (I don't mind the short days because it's an excuse not to walk too far!)

Sir Hugh said...

Bc- Actually it is quite well waymarked - the top side of average compared with most other LDPs i have walked.

Ruth - I don't mind mud too much, but the overall quality must outweigh it and on this particular section of the WW that was debatable.