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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Berwick - day 2

Tuesday 11th April. Beal ( Brock Mill Farm) to Wooler

This morning at breakfast I was introduced to two Swedish guys who had bought a 1957 Dodge American car in Edinburgh. They were on their way to ship it from Immingham.

Brock Mill Farm was first class.

I set off.wearing base layer and shirt, but within a hundred yards I had donned my jacket because of a piercing wind. That continued all day and later it was approaching gale force. At first it was coming accross me from the west, but then as my direction kep changing I was walking into it, and only briefly did I have it behind.

I called in at Lowick Village store and stood inside drinking coffee and eating a piece of Lowick Tart. There was a continuous stream of shoppers and village banter. The bearded shopkeeper's wife was talking to her friend near me and then told me proudly she had made the Lowick Tart from a recipe given by that friend. I told her that whoever makes Bakewell Tart should take a lesson from her. She was so made up with that she gave me a cuddle - maybe the nature of my freebies is changing Gsyle?

Walking was on some hardly used Tarmac and fields, tracks and paths. Beyond Doddington I climbed higher onto moorland and spent a couple of hours in quite wild country with the wind raging, and views accross to the Ceviots - all good stuff. I was on St. Cuthberts Way part of the time. Later, down in the valley I came accross a guy excavating a huge tree trunk with a digger and chatted.  This was being paid for by some rich guy building a house and having to allow for a pathway for St Cutherberts Way. It looked as though that operation would have equaled the cost of a modest house all on its own.

I arrived at Number One in Wooler at a comfortable 3:30 after around 16 miles of walking.

Tomorrow will be 20 miles and I am a bit apprehensive. I have arranged to assemble my own uncooked breakfast in the morning for an early start.

1.  The  1957 Dodge

2  In the Lowick Village Store

3.  Looking accross to the Cheviots


AlanR said...

The Swedes love their old American cars. It's bitterly cold here and the forecast is no different for the next few days. Keep moving fast.

Bob Andrews said...

I first thought the shopkeepers wife had a beard!!

Sir Hugh said...

Alan R - I have not been cold but wouldn't want it to get any colder. Fo rme Blogger is the best of a bad job. At least you can put up some kind of photos which you can't with any other system I am aware of.


On A - oh dear. That wasn't well written. It's not as easy as sitting at home in comfort with the large screen on my Mac.

Sir Hugh said...

Should have been Bob A. Perhaps I'm a bit tired.

Gayle said...

I predict that you'll get offered your first unsolicited (or semi-but-subtly solicited) cup of tea tomorrow. As it will be offered by a hairy biker sort of a chap, you'll be glad it's not a cuddle on offer this time around!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are up and going, like the first fence at the Grand National.
I was also worried about that ladies beard - but it is the wild NE.

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - seen nobody all day.
BC - it's been wild with the wind again tiday.