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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Berwick - day 3

Day 3 - Wooller to Rothubury - Wednesday 12th April

I had arranged to raid the breakfast bar this morning so I was off to a good start for my twenty miler at 6:00 am. I think this early DIY breakfast may become a regular allowing me to arrive at destination with time to blog and do my chores, and likely have a little lie down. That didn't work today.

Last night I ate in the Milan, an Italian restaurant across the road from Number One my B and B and owned by them . It was disappointing mainly because I ordered a dish that didn't suit me. I also ordered what I thought was an upmarket lager (something ...berg. that I hadn't heard of before.) It turned out to be cherry flavoured cider - ugh! In fairness they changed it free of charge.

I have only spoken to a farmer and his friend all day - a bit lonely, but fine walking.

At one farm there was a huge cow barn, without exaggeration 150 yds. long. There were hundreds of cows inside all lowing away making a huge sound, almost harmonious and even fugue like, reminiscent of some powerful atonal modern music - quite an experience. My route finished strenuously for a twenty mile day over Cartington Hill. After the descent there was a forest walkout to Rothbury but at one point I just couldn't find the start of the path after crossing another track and had one of those dreadful three quarter hour episode thrashing through felled forest terrain - a pity spoiling to some extent a great day and making my arrival at Newcastle House, Rothbury too late for comfortable sorting time. I am now typing this in the dining room knowing that I still have everything to sort for tomorrow back in my room, but I have just had excellent sausage, bubble and squeak and carefully cooked mixed veg. Lemon Sponge and custard are on the way - a hearty finish to a toughish  day.

It was a day of fords. There were others. The final photo is Carrington Hill.


Gayle said...

I can't remember the details of your route, beyond the fact that you had a hard Day 3 planned, but I hope today was easier, didn't involve a thrash through a forest - and that it involved some random stranger offering you refreshment.

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - you can now see the details for today there was nobody about at all. I think I've already got day numbering mixed up. Will try to rectify.