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Monday, 24 April 2017

Darlington Hospital - update

Monday -24 April

No news, bored, frustrated.

No further communication.

Have asked for information this morning from the Ward Coordinator.

Wating, waiting, waiting.


Now had visit from registrar, 10:30 am. I am booked for operation Thursday morning. At least I know. I wonder when somebody would have told me if I hadn't asked?


afootinthehills said...

You've had a long wait Conrad but it shouldn't be too long before you're home and plotting the resumption of your walk.

AlanR said...

Chin up mate and keep the elbows off the table. Ha.

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot - I hope you are correct. I also hope you are now fully recovered from your ow sojourn.


Alan R - I don't know about chin up. Perhaps that contributed to my trip, with chin down I might have seen the wire.

Anonymous said...

About that wire. At the weekend whilst out climbing a new fence had been constructed in the field next to the path and of course they had just discarded the old materials, I tripped over some barbed wire on the ground. When I recollect this littering of old wires and posts is quite common throughout the countryside. I would be fined for leaving wire coils on the pavement outside my house - what of the landowners in question? Is it time for either more ecological awareness of farmers or some legislation, unlikely as the land owning classes wouldn't vote for anything as sensible as that.
Get yourself better and then think about questioning the environmental policies of the estate your were on at the time.
Just a thought.

Sir Hugh said...

BC - hi John. Unfortunately I think the land I was on was part of the farmer' s who got me down to the village in his quod bike so it would be a bit churlish to direct action there specifically. Alternatively I may suggest some sort of campaign via he BMC or whatever. It is certainly a subject that could fo with more caring. Letters t outdoor mags?

Sir Hugh said...

Airing not caring

afootinthehills said...

Thanks Sir Hugh. I escaped last Wednesday and am feeling very much better and a lot stronger though I've not ventured onto the hills. Maybe after my birthday tomorrow.

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot - MHRs.

Ruth Livingstone said...

Yay. Finally you have a date for the op.
But poor communication by the medical staff.
It's a few years since I actually worked for the NHS, but I still feel a sense of personal shame about our organisational failings.

John J said...

At least matters are progressing. I'm looking forward to catching up with you when you come marching through Timperley.

Anonymous said...

Hi Conrad.
I was not implying any action against the farmer, I don't do compensation litigation, more of a general action to rid our hills of old fence wire. Yes maybe letters to the BMC or what about the NFU!
Enough of that till later - hope all has gone well with your op.