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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Big Meanie

My walks are usually planned and rarely much altered and so it was today, but a new objective presented itself halfway through.

After a lot of faffing including emptying my Go-Lite backpacking rucksack from my recent trip and reinstating the relevant items in my day walking rucksack, I was off to a late start from Leck church  at 11:20am.

Once off the tarmac and onto the path I had a feeling of euphoria, contrasting the surrounding hills, cropped turf track and dales ambience with my recent trudging along soulless country roads with high hedges, and only occasional glances of  endless cultivated flat fields. For sheer enjoyment, apart from serious mountain walking, there is nothing to compare with the Yorkshire Dales, ok, I suppose some of this route was probably in Lancashire.

The track was well established and all delight leading to a steep climb on a well cut high bracken path. That lead out onto undulating moorland, and joy of joys, heather in bloom.  There is something about heather in bloom and its surroundings that supercharges my soul - is it not a bit early for it to be blooming?

Arriving at Ease Gill I looked down into the steep, thickly wooded ravine with an underlay of chest high bracken and was deterred to investigate the various potholes and caves lurking below.

I had been switching between Ordnance survey 1:25 and 1:50 on Memory Map on my iPhone and now looking again at the 1:25 I noticed a pothole named Big Meanie which could be incorporated in my plan to cut back to the Leck Fell road and possibly climb Gargareth.  There was no footpath indicated, but big Meanie was situated against a wall boundary which may have a path of sorts alongside, so I now had a new objective for the walk. I retraced steps back a few hundred yards to find the wall and sure enough there was a half decent path all the way back to the road. The location of big Meanie is not precisely indicated on the map. Just before I got close rain started. I found two significant sinkholes at the supposed point on the map, and took photos risking getting my camera wet and then trudged on. The rain increased with a vengeance - this was the really thick stuff where the metaphor of stair rods is appropriate, and they seemed to have some kind of extra force propelling them into the ground. My new Mountain Warehouse Pakka lightweight waterproof jacket did a good job  (£18.99) - that rain persisted almost for the rest of the walk, and back at the car I was still more or less dry - so much for your £100 plus, posh branded gear. Sadly I see their shop in Kendal is closing - I hope that is not the start of their demise.

Several hundred yards further on I found another much more distinctive sinkhole with a large tree growing from its middle, and again risked camera destruction taking a photo.  Internet searching I found that this was in fact Big Meanie which is not accurately positioned by OS. Big Meanie turns out to be quite a significant pothole undoubtedly needing a high degree of expertise for it exploration.

BIG MEANIE December 2016
This pothole provides a classic exchange with, or alternative route to, the
bottom of Death’s Head Hole (see separate description).
WARNING: The first pitch of Big Meanie is narrow at the top and may prove
strenuous particularly on the upward journey. Be sure that anyone entering
or exiting via Big Meanie has a suitable ability to tackle this. Loose blocks are
a hazard on all pitches in Big Meanie and appropriate care is required.
Big Meanie can be descended in moderately wet conditions. However, the
connection to Death’s Head Hole can have limited airspace in wet weather.

Dry conditions are required if planning to enter the Leck Fell Master Cave.

I have shown below a JPEG of the PDF file from the Council of Northern Caving Clubs website from which the above quote is taken but there is much more info if you want to look. If you can't read it:

CLICK HERE and follow link to PDF titled Big Meanie.

Needless to say say plans to visit Gragareth were abandoned and I walked back in heavy rain down the road. At one point I met a young guy happily repairing a drystone wall in the pouring rain dressed in an ankle length waterproof and listening to Radio 1 on his parked quad bike, and we had a brief chat, about, guess what, the weather.

Soon after leaving the tarmac

A brief spell through Springs Wood.
I branched off to look at a quirky bridge over Leck Beck,
see below

Map shows track leading back to Fairthwaite Park House, but not
a public right of way. That farm is on a list of farms used by an educational
organisation called Countryside Classroom - Google if interested
Leck Beck

You can see the cul de sac road, top left, leading to Bull Pot Farm: cottage used by Craven Potholing Club.
Crag Hill, pointy on horizon

End of the path at Ease Gill, my intended turning point.
 Ease Gill sweeps round to right and behind
the camera

Big Meanie

Leck Fell House. Must be one of the most remote farms in the country,
the road ends there. Gragareth summit above

Click to enlarge or follow link above

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Hellifield to Newport slideshow

Here is a Dropbox link to a slideshow with captions of my walk from

 Hellifield, Yorkshire


 Newport, Shropshire.

25th July


 5th August 2018


Click on first thumbnail, then click on two arrows at bottom to see as "full screen" slideshow with black background.

When I tested it seems to show each slide briefly then properly - a bit irritating but can't find a fix

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Dsy 14

Sunday/Monday 6/7th August - Newport to home

I am now typing this at home.

My Air b and b in the centre of Newport was a first floor room annexed to a pub overlooking the yard where outdoor-smoker-drinkers caroused which made for  a kind of bedtime music - oh how tolerant I am? That was more than could be said for a black cuboid eight inch box that turned out to be a cooler for those awful little sachets of milk which in any case are long life and don't need to be kept refrigerated - this device made a continuous kind of humming hissing noise that was irritating to say the least. If I'd unplugged it would have been against the perceptions of the host for its need so I left it be.

It being Sunday I found that almost every eating establishment in the town was closed. Eventually I found a large fish and chip shop with seating for perhaps fifty. I was the only seated customer. Others kept drifting in for take-aways.

At first sight it didn't look promising, but the chips were to my liking and in particular the fish was cooked skinless, a must as far as I am concerned, and again not to everyone's taste, the batter was really crisp and crunchy - I was well satisfied.

Back at my pub I decided to have a cup of tea. Using a tea bag provided, and the aforementioned mediocre milk sachet I brewed up. The first taste was like Dettol. I presumed the cup had been washed with some kind of cleansing liquid that remained. I ditched the brew, filled the cup with boiling water, rinsed and dried throughly with a towel and re-brewed with a Yorkshire tea bag from the small supply I had brought with me. The result was exactly the same as before. I can only presume it was that awful milk.

Back at home I have a Peter Rabbit child's porringer with images of Peter running round the edge (Royal Doulton I think) - it goes back to my childhood and I remember eating porridge from it so it must now be seventy years old at least. I wouldn't say I attach too much importance to it, but it is a mildly cherished heirloom that has survived. As I vacated my room and walked down the drinker-smoker passageway a replica of my porringer caught my attention - it had been used as an ashtray snd had been despoiled by a revolting mess of squashed out fag ends.

Please click first photo to enlarge as slideshow 

The non-lift giving Air b and b

That is early morning heat haze, but a fair impression of Staffordshire/Shropshire countryside

Crossing the Shropshire Union Canal

Norbury millennium stone - one of four. I saw another further on

The Wrekin

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Day 13

Sunday 5th August. Near Eccleshalll to Newport. About 7 miles

Last night after leaving the pub it took me 40 minutes to walk back to the B and B. I have to say I was peeved about that especially as the host had even suggested driving me to Eccleshalll when i  enquired about pub transport before booking , and that is well beyond walking distance - she must have known my booking depended on a favourable reply to that enquiry and then she just ditched me.

This morning I set off in much heat and humidity and was soon all of a lather. I felt very tired. I hado expected to get fitter after a week or so. but at my age the opposite seems to apply. The temperature was 23 degrees forecast rising to 27 degrees. I only walked about seven miles but was absolutely bushed, and the forecast is the same tomorrow. Much of this walking through Staffordshire has been on quiet country lanes with high hedges and very few views. Quite boring really and demanding in the heat. Looking at my overall route, if i cut down to 10 miles a day it would probably take me another other three weeks which I cannot really afford b and bing every night. Taking rest days just adds extra cost without making progress. So I have decided to return home tomorrow and leave the rest for another day. I am sure my route becomes more interesting further down the country.

Working up to this trip  one half of me was influenced by cabin fever and me wanting to get back on the trail. Circumstances had dictated that I would be walking in school holidays making booking more difficult which has proved correct. The other half of me was suggesting leaving it to the back end after school holidays, and I reckon now that must have been the more sensible option, but there is no fun in being sensible all the time.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Day 12

Madeley to near Eccleshalll, Staffs. Saturday 4thAugust - about 13 miles.

Last night at the pub I chatted with the bar lady who turned out to be the landlady. She very obligingly gave me a lift back to the b snd b in her brand new, shiny black Ford Mustang. When it started up I thought we were going into space. So my little bonus of walking the distance I missed earlier was thwarted.

Back at the B and B I sat and chatted with our host Kami and two other guests, one who was involved in the organisation of the Horse of the Year Show, and the other, a young a South Africsn cricketer over here playing for a local team" conversation majored on sport in general.

This morning I mad a quick visit to the Coop two minutes away while my phone was charging up - i had plugged it in last night but was still only at twenty five percent..

I walked down Red Lane, so marked on OS which was ok until the last hundred yards which were overgrown with nettles, brambles, and tthe ubiquitous Himalayan Balsam.

Coming out of Ashley in the road I met a guy high up on a grand, all white horse. He was a hunter and so was the horse. In a bit of subtle conversation I confirmed that the hunt is just carrying on as before.

Further on I met a couple unloading their two border terrier dogs and we had a good chat and they refilled my water bottle. I was offered a cup of te Gsyle, but declined - once again time was an issue.

I had understood I could get a lift to the pub and my host booked me in for 7:00 then told me she was going out and would have to take me at 6:15 so I had a hurried shower. I had further learned she could not pick me up and she would not be able to pick me up - the pub is a miIe and a quarter away.

I have had some pâté and a decent fish pie and am now  willing myself to set off on the trek back.

I am now struggling beyond to put up photos but Blogger seems to have changed its mind again about how it works.

I will have to pack in this not very interesting post and get back for a rest.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Day 10

Winterley to Madeley, Staffs - SJ 771 447 - about 10 miles - Friday 3rd August.

A bit of a mixed day. Pleasant road walking and tracks took me to south of Alsager where I found a farm shop and café. A bacon butty snd tea supplemented the tin of rice pudding i had back at the Air B and B.

Ages ago I bought a new tin opener and chucked it into my kit. Could I hell-as-like make it work. I took it to Laura my host who found it had a flip out lever, but even then we gave it up as a bad job. I will have great delight in bining it when I can buy one suitable for those approaching their eighties.

From the breakfast café a public footpath went accross wasteland. Even from the start I had to cross a ploughed potatoe field leaping from furrow to furrow. I lost the path about four times ( mostly my fault) and trekked through a perished crispy brown field crop intermingled with weeds. My socks were plastered with sharp grass seeds as if been propelled like lead shot. I stopped at a stile snd tried to de- seed the socks but it was going to take forever so I continued just wearing my compulsory black support stockings. In the middle of all this I fielded a phone call from Martin (PostCardFromTimpotley)
who was offering to give me some company. We had a few email exchanges and eventually agreed got meet with him approaching me from the opposite direction.. I was all geared up to snap my approaching butler but he suddenly appeared from a farm track on the left. What a gent! He gave me tea, opened gates for me, fed me bananas and sandwiches and as I know full well maintained his reputation as a good egg. Martin left me at one point to move his car and the nre-met me as before. I have to admit to being driven that last couple of kilometres to my Air b snd b but I am now seeing this more of a holiday than a dedicated trek. 

Martin had researched the area of my destination and was pessimistic. When i arrived Kami was the most welcoming host and her house, based on her Indisn background was full of interesting and new to me artefacts, pictures and other art expressions - wonderful. Ksmi is a non driver but she helped me with a bus timetable do I could go and eat at the Old Swan where I now sit typing after an excellent mesl, mainly poached salmon.

I had taken the bus to get here , bu when I walk back I will have filled in all but a few hundred yards of the distance Martin drove me.

Thanks again to Martin for his company and I'm sure he'll be glad to hear that my Air b snd b turned out to be so good, as did the Old Swan.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Day 8

Northwich to Winterley - OS grid SJ 747 570: -Wednesday, August 1st, about 15 miles.

Serve yourself breakfast had me off to a good start at 7:45. The Air b snd b had been excellent.

Walking down the Weaver Way in sunshine and shadow with the occasional cool breeze seemed to have a special invigorating ambience, and as far as Winsford the best walking so far; there was a unique kind of bright clear light. Huge piles of salt were evident accross the water - Northwich is renowned for its salt mines. 

At one point I met two teenage girls coming towards me. The first had just passed a malevolent swan guarding a brood of chicks right on the pathway. Girl umber wo was all of a dither not daring to pass. I blundered ahead waving my poles, not as brave as I might have appeared, and the swan sat it's ground hissing and making threatening gestures. I then had the pleasure of watching the second girl psyche herself up to go for it, and that she eventually did in a flurry of waving arms and legs and girly shrieks - all Google fun

At Winsford i surfaced from the river track and found Morrison's café where i took on food and tea and bought another bottle of Fanta.

I left the Weaver after that heading accross country and from there on the day went downhill. There was a stretch on the canal with no structured path, just hard knobbly, ankle twisting grass. I then had a treaturess kilometre on a very busy major road with no walkway. Branching off i was on the long distance path Crewe and Nantwich Circular Walk. I missed a stile and plodded half a kilometre accross an appallingly cow trodden field and had to return - these fields are so bone dry with hard lumps and cow-foot-plug holes walking is desperately awkward. I think that was the point when i realised i was no longer enjoying myself. Back on the proper LDP i  mounted what was the first of over a dozen  stiles all clones of each other, and many of these were doubles (over one, and in two yards over another.) they were cleverly designed to require my knees to bend more than i wanted and i struggled hard with them all, and the intervening fields were similar to the aforementioned. There was sbout two kilometres of this stuff. I arrived at a turning point in the path and took stock. I was well and truly weary, it was 4:30 and there was still another four miles of similar stuff to go. I realised i had underestimated the distance and it would mean a late arrival compromising time for sorting and eating. The resident farming gent came by with two aged yellow Labradors and he sympathised with me and suggested walking out to the road and the Coach and Horses to ring for a taxi. On all my walks I have never given in and always walked all the distance, but now I succumbed.

It is one of those facts of life that after deliberating long and hard to spend your money the potential recipients don't seem as eager to accept as you are to part. We rang over half a dozen taxi firms and none could oblige. I then rang my host, Laura. It turned out she is not resident at the Air b snd b but after toing and froiing with texts and phone ( I only had one bar on EE and kept losing signal) Laura managed to ask a friend in Winterley to come snd pick me up. I would have tried to hitch-hike but the route was do convoluted it would hardly have been possible.

I had a hurried shower and set off to walk about half a mile to the pub which i was given to understand provided food  it didn't!

I walked back and went to the Swan Lake Chinese restaurant which turned out to be a good choice run by an enterprising young man who already has a degree and is now embarking on studies for medicine. 

Back at the b snd b I decided to have a rest day. I spent ages on-line rearranging the date in my already booked Air b snd b for the next night, and booking this further day here where I am now typing next morning before walking 0.8 miles to th Coop to get some food. There is no breakfast here and Laura's resident house minder William is off to work and I am left in sole charge for the day.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Day 7

Thelwall to Northwich - Tuesday 31st August - about 15 miles

My Air B and B at Thelwall was excellent . A very pleasant welcome (with tea) and much good conversation.

My meal in the Little Manor was a bit of an expensive blow out. My main  was a crispy beef salad with a sweet chilli sauce , and cashew nuts, something new to me . The subtle combination of salad ingredients and the overall balance of tastes was superb - these things don't happen with some chef coming up with something that seemed like a good idea at the time, it takes skill, knowledge and experience to get such things right.

Walking was on a mixture of country lanes, footpaths, death defying A road, motorway link roundabouts, and the odd crop field margin. It's surprising how many farm tracks have now been tarmaced. I hardly saw anybody all day and must confess it was a bit lonely. At one point I walked one kilometre on the wrong road and had to re-trace steps.

I had a sandwich, tea  stop at Arley Hall café amongst many greys. Nearly everybody was foreign - it was very busy.

Walking through Northwich  was hectic negotiating correct entries and exits from roundabouts with crazy streaming traffic in all directions.

I had a super welcome at my Air b snd b. Almost in the centre of town. I had a whole pot of tea - what would we (or I) do without it. The house and room are immaculate.

I am now eating in the Bombay Quay Indian restaurant only five minutes walk from th b snd b snd all is most enjoyable.

Arley Hall café.

Great Budworth - pretty.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Day 6

Monday 30th July - Salford Quays to Thelwall - about 15.5 miles

Self service breakfast at Travelodge made for an efficient early start - walking by 7:30 - I was marching
down one of Manchester's main thoroughfares with hundreds rushing to work well beyond the speed limit and interspersed with blue flashing ambulances and unmarked police cars..

Careful scrutiny of the OS map got me to the canal properly. Was it last year, Bowland climber snd I finished off our undone part of the Cheshire Ring Canal walk, and I seem to remember us having some difficulty around here.

During my four kms or so on the canal I must have met head on well over a hundred cyclists presumably commuting into Manchestre for work. Normally leisure cyclists give one a hello but that was less than one in twenty today - shows the difference in the mental state between work and leisure I reckon - perhaps a subject for an aspirant PhD?

Lanes enclosed by high hedges prevented any views, i was following perhaps the Pennine Trail which I certainly did further. At the underpass for the M60 ( SJ 784 936) I encountered the highlight of the day.. The underpass is around fifty yards long. It consisted, one hundred percent, wall to wall of slimy, black, five inch deep, liquid mud. It took me quarter of an hour, suction trapped step by suction trapped step step.That is one of the most disgusting experiences ever. Later on at an equestrian centre two very young horsey girls let me use their hose pipe. I stripped off shoes and socks and did my best to clean up. My originally brown trainers remained black, stained by that evil gunk. Later at my Air B and B I prevailed on my host Julie to wash the socks for me.

A bit further on, with Himalayan Balsam on both sides I encountered a sickening smell and I was on the verge of wretching, and gasping for clean air. That prevailed for a few hundred yards. Looking at the map I saw there was an adjacent sewage works.

I had made good time (for me) on easy walking and arrived at my excellent Air B and B at 4:30 after a long trod down the disused railway forming part of the Pennine Trail.

I am now eating at The Little Manor - a bit up market and my first blow-out of the trip. I may say more tomorrow, but time has run out.

From my Travelodge window

The disgusting underpass for the M60

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Day 5

Middleton to Salford Quays - about 11 miles - Sunday 30th July

Rain,rain,rain. It was heavy and none stop until 12:30. The new Mountain Warehouse lightweight waterproof withstood it all at less than half the price of most of the well known brands. Apart from that it is well designed with good zips and it is long enough, and roomy enough to cover my waist pouch and camera. Everything remained dry.

Initial walking was through wooded trail paths and then crossing th M60 motorway. From there it was mostly Tarmac through endless inferior housing estates and then onto busy big city roads, but always things of interest to see.

I have now found an up-and-coming rival for discarded Lucozade bottles, the most frequented litter item. The newby is (or are) what I presume are the three inch metal, silver coloured mini gas bottles from the vaping addicts - not a good way to minimise criticism of this new disgusting phenonemum. I mentioned the plural because they often seem to be thrown down in groups of two or three or four which is a bit of a puzzle. I despair of the litter problem, it is an ever increasing rampant blight on our towns snd countryside.

I took no photos until the rain ceased which coincided with a tea and cake stop at a jolly but down market café on the edge of a housing estate.

I have just finished eating at the Travellodge, Salford Quays. I enjoy their common sense budget price policy but still providing good quality and cheerful service.

After an hour and a half of intensive internet work I have managed to book the next two nights ahead. All goes well, and I'm proud of keeping my powder dry today.

First stop after four hours rain.

The start, over the bridge, of  The Irwell Sculpture Trail as named on the OS map, not a sculpture in sight.

The artless trail - I was so looking forward to a bit of culture.

First sighting of Msnchester city accross the River. 

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Day 4

Whitworth to Middleton - Saturday 28th July - about 12 miles

Some good walking, partly on bits of The Pennine Bridleway, and the Burnley Way. From those samples I reckon they are worthwhile routes using old lanes, some cobbled and paved. They may look pretty but not comfortable to walk on. At one place I lost the plot with my navigation and did a bit of wandering but all came good. A petrol station provided refreshment at the right time. It had rained in the night and I had two short but heavy showers - they were quite welcome after the drought.

The hotel in Middleton reflects its price. A clean room with not even a chair, toilet and shower well up the corridor somewhere , breakfast not served,, but what the heck it's a comfortable bed for the night. Weatherspoons is just across the road. On entering the din was like a football match in full swing but I found a relatively quiet corner and ate well for surprisingly little cost.

I am in the town centre and every few minutes there is the raucous sound of a car without exhaust being driven at speed by some nutcase who must think it sounds good. If I tried to do that I'd be in the cells overnight with my car confiscated - how do they get away with it?

That last one is the way ahead on a public footpath - I think it's Himalayan Balsam - hard going for a while.

Photos from yeasterday

The quarry photo is just a small disused one on the way to the big one later. As I was walking here I realised I had been to the obscure summit a couple of years ago -it is a Marilyn.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Day 3

Worsthorne to Whitworth SD 886 187

That was a really enjoyable Air band b last night.

Off to a good start good walking with extensive views . There must be loads of  good walks in these Lancashire hills and the attractive, stone built villages dating back to the Industrisl Re olution , but now mostly much prettified. I went in search of the Singing Kristi Whistling tree but never found it. Knowing it is perched on top of a hill it should have been easy but in the heat I gave it up as a bad job. I followed part of the Pennine Bridlesay on ancient tracks. I stopped at a cottage renovation asking for a refill of my water bottle. A young lad had been renovating this property for his sister for two years. He filled me up with delicious spring water.

I was getting tired and moving slowly until I came across a café in  Stacksteads - one mug of tea, a visit to the toilet and quite a long rest had me like a new man, BUT...

A steep, pathless grass climb took me up to the unnamed moor showing a footpath bee lining for Whitworrh across Briannia Quarries. From here on an enjoyable day’s walking turned into a minor epic. The footpath, very indistinct, took me to the edge of the quarry marked on the map. The quarry is still being worked. I have since learned the footpath is closed whatever that means The path disappeared. I spent ages trying to find the  track leafing leading down to the reservoir and into Whtiworth but I was stalled by up and down  spoil heaps, tracks—and barbed wire fences - I actually cut some barbed wire going across the top of a gate. After much deliberation i had included some recently purchased wire cutters in my kit. I was eventually forced onnto the quarry access road. At least that would get me out to Whitworth...BUT after half a mile massive locked gates prevented me.I squeezed through some other fencing to gain access to an encampment for quarry workers and got the help of a young quarry guy who told me of a bent hole in the galavsnised fencing so off I went - there was no way I could get through. I went back and Young Man produced keys and unlocked the gates. I was now running late for my Air B and B but eventually got there hot and bothered. I then had limited time to shower, rinse through very sweaty clothing, and generally re-group. My hostess inferred the Red Lion was in z"walking distance..  I phoned them and was only able to book for 7:45 so off I set leaving some of my chores undone. It turned out to be over s mile's walk! I was bushed again when i arrived, just in time. I managed to knock over my first pint, due to fatigue and a sweet covered body. I didn't feel hungry despot having Estonia nothin midday, snd most un characteristically for me , had to leave an enjoyable smoked salmon and hot new potatoes salad - I just couldn't eat any more.

I ordered a taxi to get mr bsck to b snd b.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Day 2

Old Stone Trough to  Worsthorne SD 886 187 Thursday 26th July
11.5 miles.

A good start with the high minor road to Foulridge giving marvellous views.

The Noyna Café in Foulridge provided a coffee stop. I had a good breakfast at the Stone Trough. I sent BC an email telling him I had slept in The Old Stone Trough (but not literally.)

The café husband was sat at a table reading the Daily Mail. His wife prepared the coffee. He was my first Jonah on this trip.

"How far are you going?"


"it's uphill all the way."

I politely told him I was following the canal.

The Leeds Liverpool was my route for most of the day after I had walked round the nearly empty Foulridge Reservoir. I passed the emergence of the famous canal tunnel.

At my Air B and B I had an excellent greeting from Gillian and husbandThey are kindred spirits, keen walkers and bikers. I had a ten minute walk to the Bay Horse in Worsthorne village and was told, quite rudely, that the kitchen was closed. Although in Lancashire this was redolent of the surly kind of customer relations I know all about in Yorkshire - I was born there and stayed until I was over thirty, so feel entitled to comment in this vane.

I walked back to Gillian's and was very kindly given a lift further down the road where I am now eating in s other pub where i appear to be othe only customer at 8:00 pm - not a good den- Nuffield said. If anybody wants a reference to this Air b snd b give me a call. I think precise details are reserved for the Air B and B website.

Doing these posts on the iPad is laborious to say the least do please put up with typos and miss -spells.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Day one

Resumption of walk from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Castle Carey after two interruptions from broken arm at Weardale then disintegrated knee at Hellifield.

Hellifield SD 854 566 to Old Stone Trough south of Kelbrook SD 900 439 - Wednesday .

Dropped off at Carnforth by daughter Jill and granddaughter Katie - train to Carnforth. Started walking 7:50 am.

Just a brief account today to get up to speed with blogging on the hoof again. And a good excuse because I'm pretty tired after just over 14 miles with temperature increasing as the day went on. Most of the walking was on farm tracks and then canal towpath with a few small sections of road and field paths. All very pleasant in the rolling lowlands of the Yorkshire Dales with characteristic limestone scenery. On the canal I met Anne, Joe, and springer spaniel Doris and walked with them for a while. Doris is a rescue dog and only just coming to terms with water, but enthusiastic as always with springers, and it was all a bit nostalgic walking with the best of dog breeds again. I stopped off at a little canal-side café for tea and parted with the good company of Anne, Joe and Doris. I hope I have Joe's name correct - i suffer from the affliction of instantly forgetting names after being introduced. After that the heat increased and I was glad to arrive at the Old Stone Trough. Where I now sit awaiting food and writing this. I suspect I am not also up yo speed with my people watching.

More tomorrow including anything else that develops this evening.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

The Invasion of Barbon

19th July 2018 - Thursday walk with Pete - Barbon

Part of the enjoyment of a walk may arise from the get-away-from-it-all feeling, and part may come from unexpected happenings if they are pleasant. Since the second half of our route only serviced one or two properties on a narrow lane running as a loop from the main road I was confident we would have peace and quiet.

We had only walked a few hundred yards down the road after parking by Barbon church when the Church Mouse Café displayed a notice board stating "No lunches today." The reason given was the imminent invasion of "500+ school children"." A group of people were chatting outside the café and Pete said to me "That's Tim Farron." So it was (Tim is our local MP and erstwhile leader of the Liberal party.) A few yards further on another notice board announced that Tim was having a surgery that day in the adjacent village hall.  I had a memory of another walk on my own a few years ago near Barbon on an even lesser used and narrower lane which turned out to be in the process of full scale re-surfacing, with all the clamour and disturbance from heavy machinery - I guessed that was the one day in a fifty year period that this would have been done, and I had managed to pick it. 

We walked on and speculated on whether we would encounter the school children. Pleasant walking took us to the turning point and as we returned, at about half distance, from round a bend the first group of school children appeared, bearing down on us. Large groups were then continually encountered all the way back into Barbon. We stopped several times to chat with supervising teachers and learned that they were from Queen Elizabeth School in Kirkby Lonsdale. The whole school undertakes this 21km. walk every year on a compulsory basis, and never mind the predicted 500 mentioned on the notice board, we learned that there were actually 800 plus. 

That all made for bonus entertainment and it was good to see most of the children enjoying themselves - it may have been different if it had been a rainy dreich day.

Barbon war memorial

Tim Farron in the background

I never fail to be impressed by the public works and utilities architecture and building skills of the Victorians, even on this modest and insignificant bit of railway long since disused and dismantled. I couldn't find any reference after a brief internet search 
Our quiet grass-in-the-middle, pheasant populated lane before the invasion of eight hundred plus school children

They just kept coming and coming

A quiet afternoon in Café Ambio