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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Killington Lake

Thursday walk with Pete (on Wednesday) - 24 h October 2018

After five weeks or so of shed fixing I am liberated for walking.

I plotted a route on footpaths and prepared a snack and flask of coffee - on my shorter walks with Pete we don't do that. I had phoned Pete to cancel our walk tomorrow because it would be granddaughter Katie's seventh birthday and I would be involved with birthday treats.

After fuelling the car at Crooklands, about six miles from home, I was off again when Pete rang  and suggested we walk today instead of tomorrow. I went back to Arnside and picked up Pete and plotted a shorter and revised route on tarmac to suit Pete.

In February 2013 we circumnavigated Killington Lake:

click to view that post

It has remained a mystery to me ever-since that "Circuit of Killington Lake" has been one of the most frequently viewed pages on my blog - 736 hits since publishing. There is nothing in that post that I can identify to cause it to respond to some keyword. The Stats on Blogger Dashboard have always been incomprehensible to me.

Our walk today was on some of the same route as that much viewed post. The road was bounded much of the time by larch trees which, although apparently coniferous are deciduous, but today had not yet shed leaves - they have their own unique and enchanting colouring which was a pleasure to see illuminated by the autumn sun, especially since I understood some time ago that larch were threatened with extinction by yet another of the botanical  bugs that are going the rounds.

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