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Sunday, 11 October 2009

37 More on Whitbarrow - the missing pics

Following comments from BB and my own sense of mea culpa a return visit was made today to Beck Head (erroneously referred to as Beckside in my last post).

Here are photos of the café.

My visit was with Jill, my daughter. We had a mug of Earl Gray apiece and I had a cream and jam scone. Whilst posting payment at cottage number two next door we met the proprietor. He came from The South over twenty years ago and has lived at this cottage for around ten years - he is head chef at a local school and  before moving to the cottage kept The Wheatsheaf at Brigsteer.

This is a welcome and thoughtful facility. One comment in the visting-book from a runner stated his intention of doing his Whitbarrow run the other way round so he could take best advantage of the café.


Roderick Robinson said...

Excellent. But now let's examine the big question you didn't ask - can you guess what it was?

Sir Hugh said...

BB. Fire away. It's like the question "what are you doing tomorrow?" My answer to that one is "Why?"

Roderick Robinson said...

Why, when and how did they decide to adopt the honour system? Have they been screwed? - if so which people screw them? Und so weiter.

I'm just back from the dentist. She's Chinese and may be OK on technospeak but not on wider English. So naturally I ask her lots of questions - it's a default position with me. More than that, I achieve some sort of parity in the surgery. Many English people seem to believe that asking questions is the equivalent of farting in polite company. Enfin, je pete. Probably needs a circumflex.