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Monday, 2 November 2009

43 The Dog Lead

The “49 campaign” outlined in my last post started on Thursday 29th October with the ascent of Middleton on the northern edge of The Howgills south of the A 685 and near Tebay.

Height - 486m (1594ft)

Distance - 9.5 miles – 5 hours

Total Ascent – 781m (2562ft)

I intended to include Green Bell trig to the east, but aborted this plan for lack of time, but its part completion added much descent and ascent that would have been avoided with a simple there and back route to Middleton. This was the longest, and most strenuous walk I have done since my leg infection.

Three hundred yards from the start I thought I had left my waterproof in the car. I left my rucksack trackside and trekked back to the car but the waterproof was not there. Of course I found it back at the rucksack. I then missed Jake’s dog lead which I remembered setting off with round my neck. Jake is now thirteen and acquired this lead when Jill got him as a pup; it is a ragged much used item that claims a good dose of sentimental attachment for Jill, so I felt obliged to track it down. I went all the way back to the car again and found it in the boot. Are “senior moments” just a cliché or have I been doing this sort of thing all my life?



Roderick Robinson said...

"Senior moments" is worse than a cliché, it's a euphemism. When I reach back to the car's back seat (for the fifth time) to reassure myself about the presence of my shoulder bag, simultaneously irritating Mrs BB no end, I don't see this as some kind of stepping stone to oblivion but instead am warmed yet again by the confirmation. It may be an anal compulsion but some people get pleasure out of... this sentence must terminate here.

Sir Hugh said...

BB - thanks for your comment. I'm not sure if I am now more, or less worried.

The Crow said...

No doubt you did start out with it about your neck, and it fell into the boot when you went looking for your waterproff.

That would be my story, the one I would stick to, anyway.

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - I see your point but it wouldn't have been as good a story without the added self deprecation.

Sir Hugh said...
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