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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

One thing leads to another

Apple have introduced iCloud.

iCloud "pushes" photos, emails, calendar entries etc. from the iPhone to the Mac desktop and vice versa cutting out  physically syncing the iPhone with the Mac. During  download  I bought extra "cloud" space for approx. £10 which I then found I didn't need. Next I learned that iCloud was not compatible with my Mac operating system, nor was my Version 5 of Parallels compatible, so I had to purchase and download OSX Lion - approx. £21, and Version 7 of Parallels - approx. £50.00. Parallels is the software that allows me to run Windows on the Mac side by side - the virtual Windows PC contains all the files and some software that I couldn't bring over to the Mac when I changed to Apple, and is therefore important to me.

After all this I discovered an iPhone app - Parallells, and for a special offer price of £2.99 (proper price £19.99), I can now access and operate all the files and software on my Mac and virtual Windows PC via my iPhone - this seems a trivial price to pay for such a massive advantage giving my iPhone the attributes of a £1000 desktop.
Yesterday I had the second arthroscopy on my left knee. The surgeon reckons it is worse  than the x-ray indicated and predicts that any improvement will only last a month or two. I have an appointment in 6/8 weeks at which time he says he would have no hesitation in giving me a new knee joint. Looks like walking maybe going on hold for a while.

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afootinthehills said...

Sorry to hear about your knee problem Sir Hugh.

Good news though, Roger Boston did the TGO Challenge this year on two 'new' knees and included 12 Munros en route.

Barrett Bonden said...

A new knee joint! Where will it end? With a new head joint I suppose. My sympathies.

The Crow said...

Hope the new knee goes well and you soon will be wandering the hills again.

The Crow said...

PS: just noticed what long fingers Katie has - a pianist or violinist, certainly!

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot - Thanks for your encouraging comment - I have heard similar stories from elsewhere.

BB - If I got a new head joint I would be able to swivel my neck and see behind me whilst riding the bike, but I suppose this would lead to disaster, and further orthopaedic problems.

The Crow - Thanks for the knee message.
We are already anticipating the sending of those notorious family and friends round robin letters extolling the merits of one's offspring - "Katie, at age eight is already on grade six piano, has been chosen as captain of the junior hockey team, and has developed an astonishing aptitude for mathematics".

Alan R said...

Hmm that's interesting. I didn't think Parallels was supported with the latest version of mac software.

Alan R said...

Sir hugh, Thanks for the reply on my blog. I havn’t updated to Lion yet, so i still have that to look forward to.