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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Photoshop painting - Attermire 3 (for my nerdy followers). Katie progress (for real humans)

 Painting update: the trees are still work- in- progress. Blotches on the white (unpainted) part of the sky are my improvised palette where I have been testing different brushes - the blotches will be painted over white before I tackle the sky. I have created another problem in not first completing the sky behind the trees, but this can be sorted, albeit somewhat laboriously.
To post this pic I  "save as" the Photoshop file (psd) as a jpeg, then downsize from 3000 to 600.  I inadvertently reduced size first and continued to save as a jpeg. When I set it back to 3000 as a psd the picture was hopelessly lacking in pixels, and I thought I had lost many hours of work. Fortunately, even after all the aforementioned sequences,  Photoshop's powerful "undo" facility got me back to my original 3000 psd again.


Katie is  gaining weight via breast feeding. During daytime she has some baby crying episodes, and sleeps a lot. At night she has been tuning up around 10:00pm and carrying  on until 3:00 am, but last night, after 12:00 pm, she "slept through". Jill's bedroom is crammed with furniture and baby stuff making it almost soundproof, and contrary to comments received, I have not been worn to a frazzle.

I have joined the ranks of macho males observed over the years who have degenerated into soppy, sentimental adorers of grandchildren, and like them all, I think my granddaughter is the most beautiful.

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The Crow said...

What's the use of being a grandparent if we can't be soppy about the wee ones? My wee one just turned 19 less than a month ago and I am still soppy for the boy. I like the photo of the two of you; gives form to your sentiments.

Your photo-paintings are sources of inspiration and instruction, though I don't have Photoshop to work with just yet. I like the fill brush on the program I use. It allows me to clean up a lot of 'oops'.