Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Christmas cheer.

My last post omitted news of daughter Jill being ambulanced to hospital (with baby Katie) at 3:30am on 22nd December with unbearable pain. The diagnosis was gall stones. Jill was was sent home. Although the pain was rapidly controlled, we ( J and K, and son William and I) did not get back home until midday after endless, waiting at the hospital.
Christmas was anxious - we were on red alert for a repeat. That occurred about midday on Saturday 7th January. A second ambulance was called and we had the same thing all over with more prolonged waiting, and Jill again being sent home. Ambulance number three was called at 5:00am the next morning (Sunday) - William attended, and I followed about 9:00 am after seeing Will’s text message when I arose. Jill was promised an ultra sound scan and we waited until 3:30pm. After my third enquiry we were told the scan would not be done until Monday, so Jill stayed with Katie, and W. and I returned home.
On monday morning (yesterday) I had an appointment at the same hospital for 10:10 am with my knee consultant. I then went to Jill who was having the scan at 11:30am. We had to wait, and wait,  being given no information until 3:30pm, when we were given the results of the scan and sent home with promise of an appointment within three weeks with the consultant, who I reckon already knows he will put Jill on the list for gall bladder removal. In the meantime we may be calling out further ambulances. I suppose this is all a middle class whinge when most people in the world have little access to medical care, but I have to say we are all weary from these events.
The Knee
The consultant has put me on his list for a replacement knee. 
Walking is uncomfortable after four hundred yards, but today I cycled locally for an hour with no  discomfort, so that is the only glimmer of light in this dreary post.
Can anybody recommend a bike suitable for camping/touring with some off-road capability?


Lorenzo da Ponte said...

A scrambles bike.

gimmer said...

having just read, after so long, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, I think it is possible to conclude that a camel might meet all your needs and requirements and be a good source of merriment and eventually of food, if a scrambler bike is not available.

Sir Hugh said...

L da P - Not very good for creeping up on the wildlife, and potential distance per day would need me to extend my activities worldwide.

Gimmer - I have previously blogged about the snooty Caravan Club - I don't think they would approve of me turning up mounted on a camel - they wouldn't have any rules to cover this, and all their operations adhere to rules.

The Crow said...

Hope all is better in your households, Sir Hugh. I empathize with daughter's gallbladder problems - had to have mine removed several years ago. She'll feel better once it is out.

A camel is a good lean-to wall in a sandstorm - so I've heard. Not from first hand experience, you understand. Vicious kickers, though.