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Monday, 13 February 2012

Cabin Fever

The pre-op assessment took place last Tuesday and I am now awaiting an appointment. In the meantime I have not been able to go out on the bike because of inclement weather, and I am envious of my fellow outdoor bloggers who are up to all sorts of interesting escapades.
I have been pressing on with the new book which is a collection of reminiscences under various headings.
The Headings so far are:
Getting  Lost
Memorable Happenings
So far: 15,000 words and 60 pages (with photos)
Whilst watching television during the evening I have been making a list of frequently used clichés and the like which irritate me - if anybody wants to make suggestions I will consider them for addition to the list.
The word “amazing”
Well oiled machine
Feeding frenzy
Massive (heart attack) - it would seem that the media reckons nobody has an ordinary heart attack - it is always “massive”
Journey - Here I mean celbs who may be talking about a film they have made, or a spell in rehab, or the trauma of a recent divorce etc., where they relate to having been on a ”journey” preceded by the appropriate adjective -”wonderful, “lonely”, “amazing” etc.
Age old
Unique micro climate - wherever anybody lives they always say that they have one of these.

I hope the title of this post doesn't qualify for the list.


Lorenzo da Ponte said...

You seem to have forgotten your earlier irritation: a cocktail (as in... of drugs)

My personal bete noir is "incredible". There's a sort of pseudo-academic character called Dan Cruickshank who did a Wonders of the World TV series. Some of this was scripted but - fatally - he allowed himself to wing it when meeting his Wonders for the first time. And the word he most often came up with was "incredible".

Incredible means unbelievable so, if he didn't believe what he was seeing, why did he bother going?

afootinthehills said...
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afootinthehills said...

Sir Hugh

I think your list is amazing and with contributions from others has the potential to be massive in a not-heart-attack way. This could be an incredible journey through the amazing world of cliches and I look forward to reading more about this wonderful subject. Amazing.