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Saturday, 14 April 2012


Yesterday I pedalled 36 miles from Wigton round the Solway coast, a route I have cycled before at the same season, the attraction being five miles with abundant bushes of gorse in full vibrant yellow bloom on both sides of the road.
At a point where there was a choice to take the 18 mile option weather threatened. I was tempted, but it had been a long drive to get there and I would have missed the gorse so I battled on into a swirling hailstorm. The additional speed compared with walking makes hail lethal and my face was stinging to a point where I thought I would have to stop, but there was no place to shelter so I pressed on, and then the sun returned and I was able to enjoy the yellow splendour which has the added benefit of a fragrant and satisfying perfume.

My aim on these day rides is to set off early  so I can get back, have a hot soak, and then a relaxing evening. Yesterday I was heading home on schedule south on the M6 when all came to a halt. I learned from the radio that a lorry had overturned to the south.  Police cars, fire engines and ambulances seemed to be speeding in random directions up and down the hard shoulders. I was stationary for two and threequarter hours. For part of this time the northbound carriageway was also closed to traffic, but occasional police cars came flying past at speed. Many people on my side had vacated their cars and were wandering around on the northbound carriageway taking photos and generally fooling about, when at any time traffic could have been resumed, or another high speed police car could have mown somebody down, and even without an accident some of these people could have been trapped on the far side of the northbound motorway. Why oh why are people so stupid?
I arrived home at 8:00pm.


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Spring is here...
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Lorenzo da Ponte said...

You didn't say how you ccupied yourself, other than looking out of the car and regarding the general stupidity. Perhaps you wrote the post but that wouldn't have taken two and a half hours. Never leave one's front door behind without a book, is Mrs LdP's useful rule. On foot and via public transport I always take it to heart. But not in the car. I'm wondering how long the Skoda Octavia manual would have sustained me. You could have checked the oil level.

Sir Hugh said...

L da P - People watching was the main activity, and I did nod off at one point.