Monday, 28 May 2012

Word verification etc.

I have reinstated Word Verification. I did not receive an avalanche of spam, but I did receive some which was a jumble of nonsensical prose in English and other languages, and strange URLs which I was not happy about. These “Comments” were received by Blogger and consigned to a folder  in Settings/Comments/Spam which I was not previously aware of, so they did not appear on the blog. I have deleted these “anonymous” comments from that folder.
Knee reinstatement continues slowly with noticeable improvements. Today I walked up the road to the start of the footpath for Arnside Knott, and then back - just over a kilometre, and in the pleasant sunshine it was great to be undertaking what I might almost define as a walk. After all, this was more than I was comfortable doing before the op.

I  bought an exercise bike on Ebay (a trip to Penrith yesterday to collect - Jill driving), and I'm doing five minutes on this before each of my four daily exercise sessions. I anticipate building up that time as I feel it is appropriate.

A new tension has entered my life with the cricket test matches. I do not have Sky Sports1 so can only watch the highlights on Channel 5 at 7:00pm, so I have to avoid seeing any reports of the games progress throughout the day, not I hasten to add whilst watching daytime tv. I do like to watch the BBC news at 6:00 and I have to be ready to cut when the cricket report comes up - all very stressful.

Katie update

At seven months, although she can't actually walk she can stand herself up against support, and she can climb the stairs - she is very active.

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