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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Glasson Canal (navigation obstructed?)

Having completed the trip north on the Lancaster Canal I must now search for a new theme incorporating mainly flat walking of around six miles, which seems to be the optimum for my knee at the moment. 

Most outdoor adventurers' accounts find the author itching to be off again after a very short spell at home, and I am no exception. BC commented on my last post pointing out that it was a new beginning after the walk north on the canal, and I take that on board wholeheartedly.

I have a regular arrangement with Pete to walk on Thursdays, and we are now agreed on continuing south on the canal in stages, so I don’t want to encroach on that when I walk on my own. 

On Saturday I contrived a circular route from Glasson Dock walking the Glasson Canal to its junction with the Lancaster Canal just south of Galgate where my last outing with Pete finished.  I was able to return on tracks and quiet roads to Glasson.

There is more to explore in the coastal area around Glasson, and I have identified the eighteen trig points on Sheet 102 (Preston and Blackpool) OS 1:50000 map, so I may well be setting those as focus points for further walks.  A few of the trigs are on minor summits, but I will leave those until I have visited the lower ones, and then see how the knee is progressing.

Start and finish on the northeast side of the marina

Glasson Marina looking back to my starting point...

...and from the same place looking in the direction of my travel

A live-on narrow boat - a bit atmospheric with the smoke

I couldn't resist playing with Photoshop. I have no idea what the obstruction really was

There are six locks on this short canal - they all look like this

Looking back up Glasson Canal from where it joins the Lancaster Canal

Junction with Lancaster Canal

I pondered during the walk whether there would be a café back at Glasson and I wasn't disappointed


Alan R said...

I quite like canal walks. Occasionally.
Sometimes there is a trig point not too far off the towpath with possibly a short ascent of maybe a metre or so. All invigorating stuff.

Sir Hugh said...

Hi Alan. Yes, some of the trigs are real freebies. I have previously done all the trigs on OS 1:50000 98 (48 trigs) and 97 (44 trigs), and many others on adjacent maps. It can take you to some strange places, and occasionally a bit of trespassing!