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Friday, 7 June 2013

For Bowland Climber

A post for Bowland Climber who enquired, "what is the walking like?"

I try to avoid blow by blow accounts of the route so apologies for not being more descriptive.

The first thing is that all the walking so far has been flat without exception. The parts on the coast are on sandy well established paths with occasional short bits of soft sand and awkward shingle. There is much gorse in bloom and its scent is almost hallucinatory. Most of the time I have been following The Suffolk Way. Paths and tracks have always been good with no cow trodden farmers' fields and no stiles. Coming from the north to Sizewell I came through wonderful rare heathland with mature trees, heather, and gorse. Other paths inland have been varied and interesting including reedbeds and good paths through mature old woods with dappled sunlight. There has been a cold wind most of the time from the north, but at least that has the advantage of being behind me.

There has been some Tarmac but not enough to irritate, and a couple of short, scary sections of less than half a kilometre on busy, vergeless roads.

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bowlandclimber said...

Thanks for that.Sorry to pin you down.
Sounds good varied walking and ideal for the knee.

I think it was the shortage of pictures [due to the technical problems you mentioned]that set me wondering about the scenery.

You can continue with your more erudite posts now which I highly enjoy.

Phreerunner said...

Hello Conrad, I've just caught up with your current exploits and will continue to try to follow them if I can sort out a successor to Google Reader. John Hayes uses Blogpress with an I-phone and seems to be able to insert loads of low res images, so it can be done.
Hope the knee stands up to the gentle but sustained activity - but I think it's just an extension of 'normal' for you. So you should be fine.
Good luck.

Sir Hugh said...

BC - thanks for your permission. I am trying harder with the pics

Phreerunner - good to hear from you I can only send pics with BlogPress if I have a full up 3G signal. I lost a whole post in the ether the other day with BlogPress including pics that had taken over half an hour to compose . At least with email option you retain a copy.