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Friday, 21 June 2013

Marple to Sutton

What a start. I found the canal at Marple and marched off determined to get in some quick miles, so it was a a bit heads down for a couple of hours until I came to a sign that said Disley. I was on the wrong canal, the Peak Forest instead of the Macclesfield. I hardly dare tell of this but there you are.

I had to trek across country to reconnect. The only consolation was that I had been travelling more or less in the desired southerly direction.

The canal walking has been interesting and perhaps just about the right number of people encountered with a few interesting chats. I reckon I have done about fifteen miles. I am on the Caravan and Camping Club CL at Jarman's Farm, Sutton about twenty kilometres south of Marple.
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Alan Sloman said...

Anyone can make a mistake!

Gayle said...

I'm not sure whether I should confess that your first paragraph made us chuckle. Glad it was an easily rectified mistake (and it will undoubtedly make this trip memorable!).

The Crow said...

My sisters call me the Turnaround Queen. I frequently become not exactly lost, but close, and have to turn around and retrace my route. I don't mind, most times, but my passengers always do. Maybe I need new passengers.

Best wishes, Conrad!

Sir Hugh said...

All - thanks for your comments. It's good to have

Phreerunner said...

I have just read this out to Sue. It proved to be excellent entertainment. Thank you.