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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Picasa, Google+ update

All - I am awaiting delivery today of a larger (2tb) external hard rive. This has twice the capacity of my iMac's hard disk. The plan is to plug that one in to replace the current external hard drive which is more or less full. Next I will do a full back up of my whole iMac (EXCLUDING PICASA), then unplug the external hard drive and uninstall Picasa. After that I'm not sure.

I've had a look at getting rid of Google+ which I have no use for, but somehow it seems to have become part of the blogging infrastructure on my iMac, and I suspect has been a contributor to my problem, but as far as I can understand that would wipe out the whole of my blog, so no go there. It seems that Google have got us by the whatnots. I have looked at starting a new blog in Wordpress, but guess I will probably continue with the present one if I can get through the above mentioned procedures satisfactorily. In that case I may then look at SmugMug as means of posting slide show links and videos.

I enjoy blogging and using the computer for writing and playing with my photos. I am by no means a computer nerd and don't get any satisfaction from all this stressful stuff. I would gladly pay somebody to sort all this out for me so I can get back out into the fresh air and the real world, (I do have plans), but who?


afootinthehills said...

Hello Conrad -I have previously uninstalled Picasa without losing photos from my hard drive (then reinstalled it a few months later).The two are independent or should be. I've also deleted Albums or individual photographs from Picasa without loss from the hard drive.

Your plan seems eminently sensible all the same.

Wet and low cloud on Skye today.

Sir Hugh said...

Thanks Gibson - that is reassuring. I'd rather be where you are, wet or not, than messing about with all this tech.

Alan Sloman said...

Good luck with that Conrad - the thought of what you are about to do gives me the heebie-jeebies.