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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sizewell to Blaxhall 2

Well after waiting till 4.00 pm. at the YHA I found they were fully booked with a party of schoolchildren. This not the first time that has happened - I think it is unfair to fully a book a place like this - I have never been a big fan of the YHA. . A nearby B and B was also full. At the pub their whole booking system is on the Internet with Late Rooms and it took the lady half an hour to get on line to find if she had accommodation in her own pub. Anyway I got the last room as the telephone rang with a request for accommodation. I have got a bed that looks like the deck of am aircraft carrier.

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afootinthehills said...

I well remember meeting you on your LEJOG a few days after you had failed to find accommodation at the Loch Ossian hostel because it had been fully booked by a group.

The outdoor world seems to be dominated by 'groups' these days.

Gayle said...

'A bed that looks like the deck of an aircraft carrier'. I think I need a bit more explanation on that one. Does it have a catapult at one end?!

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot - I had no idea we had met. That's extraordinary. Please supply some more details.


Gayle - that's just wishful thinking

The Crow said...

Should make for easy sleeping, with all that room. Sweet dreams, Conrad.

Anonymous said...

Did the catapult room cost you £90?
What's the walking like?