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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Travellers' Rest, Frodsham


Anonymous said...

so, it's back to the epicurean trail again, after that silver service slap-up greasy spoon type breakfast, I gather.
Seems to be getting better and better, and now, with the improving weather, turning into a really fine expedition, despite the elephant grass.
Green gill time: myself, off to some stone breaking, on the morrow.
B is looking forward to your acquiring a nice long boat.

Sir Hugh said...

As I said to RR you just have to take whatever comes along.

Watch out for more surprises tomorrow. The plan is already written.

By the way long boats are what Vikings use to cremate their dead. Canalists have narrow boats

Anonymous said...

she knows that, but, besides bringing them here in the first place, their lineal engineering descendants glide silkily through the myriad green channels of fabled oriental waterways - as two of your 'heroes' knew well (not Sir E of course - an entirely different sort of boat trip, I gather!). That's the sort of trip 'in mind'.

The Crow said...

What is that lovely soufflé-looking dish on the plate, front and center?

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer- not sore what you mean a out the heroes.

The Crow - hi Marth. It is a baked fish pie crammed with white fish and prawns in a fabulous sauce and tipped with creamed mashed potato Nd Cheddar cheese.

Sir Hugh said...

All - one I have typed some comment I cannot go va k and correct typos, so you may need to use a bit of guesswork

Anonymous said...

re your last comment - we all presume this sudden outbreak of typos is due to too much sauce with the mash