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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Severn Way - day 10

Upper Framilode to Shepherd's Patch (Slimbridge)

I keep remembering things I meant to include on previous posts.

A couple of days ago I saw a Kingfisher, or rather a blur of colour as it went low up a tributary river then disappeared in the banking. I waited several minutes with camera poised but no luck.

Yesterday on returning to visible Severn after a diversion I thought I was walking the wrong way. The flow was going to where I had come from - the tide of course.

Last night at The Ship I had a novel strawberry and Stilton salad as a starter which worked well. Chicken breast with strips of thick cut bacon and cheese with carefully prepared chunky chips made a good main course. The Ship is family run and friendly, a bit different, and a menu with alternatives to the standard list everybody knows by heart. Certainly worth a visit.

A comfortable walk today saw me at the large caravan and camping site here attached to the Tudor Inn. The last 4km of the walk was down the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal - it was like coming home. At first I called at the canalside Black Shed café which looks like something left over from WW 2, where service was a bit abrupt.

I pitched the tent but it was too hot to sit inside, so I am sat in the pub typing this while ominous clouds threaten outside - it is very close.

Research for tomorrow looks like I will land at Oldbury-on-Severn where there is a pub, but I don't think it does accommodation and I haven't been able to find anything else so it looks like a bit of improvisation will be needed.
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Roderick Robinson said...

I suppose if I'd risen up into a sufficiently high place (note HB allusion) I could have watched you shuffle past. Over there, to the east, the chap wearing the strange hat, bent over a flattish sort of thing, muttering imprecations. Ah, you mean the Nomadic Loonie. Harmless, at least we think so.

Had you hung around you might have seen the Bore. Subject of a laborious joke I once played on your French teacher. I'm ashamed now. So much to be ashamed of. I'm the one in the hair shirt trailing after the chap carrying the flattish thing.

The one thing you can depend on re. your unreliable electronic systems is that that they may well gobble up your message but will always append (automatically I assume): Sent from my iPhone - an utterly useless bit of puffery. Why not find yourself a nerd who can edit that statement to include "despite everything it threw at me".

Sir Hugh said...

RR - HB?

Hilaire Belloc

Hieronymous Bosch


Roderick Robinson said...

So you didn't know the reference. Holy Bible.

Sir Hugh said...

For - who needs the Guardian crossword when you have RR as a commenter on you blog.