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Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Unicorn in the Garden

Anybody watching me ponderously too-ing and fro-ing across the remote little bridge and poking amongst the trees on the bank may have concluded I was deranged and in need of help. I may have suffered the same fate as the man's wife in Thurber's story.

Twenty minutes passed trying to find the Geocache - the clue: “under a mossy tree stump”. GPS told me I was on the spot, but I failed. Geocaching website said it was last found in August so I assume it is still there.

My daughter, High Horse,  and others, often try to persuade me to collect Geocaches or view places of interest on my walks. Satisfactory walking for me means covering a comfortable distance to arrive at a targeted destination to leave time for more comfort at the end of the day. 

“You should visit the doll museum at Ugglethorlby”.  The museum, or the Geocache, may be three miles there and back off the route, plus a modest hour to look round. A seven hour day becomes nine.

Yesterday I strategically planned a short walk to allow time to bag the only Geocache close to Brunt Knott, a local, previously unclimbed, trig-pointed peak that has long been on my to do list, and also for fellow blogger Mark, . Some time ago, we exchanged comments about not having climbed Brunt Knott, and I had fantasised about the unlikely coincidence of us meeting on the top having independently decided to tick off this pimple on the same date.

 As I approached the summit I was perhaps deranged even before the Geocache fiasco. I was convinced Mark would jump out from behind the trig pillar, but such are the dreams of a blogger short of material. 

Brunt Knot - NY 484 006. Pink dots and flag show diversion to Geocache

Brunt Knott
The distant Scafells from Brunt Knott summit

Arnside Knott where I live
The supposed Geocache location - where is the "mossy tree stump"?


For those who are still guessing: Click here and then click on the image to enlarge


The Crow said...

So, "the unicorn in the garden' is a metaphor(?) for something which doesn't exist, is a legend or a myth" Something unattainable, like Quixote's quest?

Beautiful countryside for a walk, nice photos for me to daydream about. I don't know if we have any such terrain left in this country that hasn't been spoiled, destroyed by "progress" and developers' greed.

Lovely post, Conrad.

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - Hi Martha. Thanks for the comment. I have replied by email.

Others - I am adding a link to the post.

gimmer said...

it is no surprise you coud not find your search object in such place - Elfhowe indeed!

Sir Hugh said...

gimmer - I tend to agree - the little rascals must have run off with it...

...I did see some strange sparkling in the stream, but there again...

Mark said...

You beat me to it!
How was it?

Sir Hugh said...

Mark - a worthy ilttle hill.