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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bits and pieces

At a 12 month, (actually 17 months) knee follow, a new surgeon ordered a blood test, scan and x-ray.
Results demanded a fluid sample from the knee. A quick appointment was promised.

After two weeks I telephoned about the appointment. After an hour I had used eleven telephone numbers. The appointment system had blundered.

The new surgeon had re-referred me to my original surgeon, Mr P, who said last week that the scan and the fluid sample were pointless, and surgeon number two didn’t know what he was doing - his actual words!

Mr P ordered an x-ray because he did not have the previous test results, only surgeon number two’s letter.

After the x-ray I was outspoken, which prompted Mr. P to spend half an hour analysing the x-ray and detailing his reasoning, concluding: the joint placement is sound, my pain and discomfort is not unusual, there is no infection present, and as I am able to walk six miles* the operation has been a reasonable success. He saw no point in further investigations. Mr P assured me that if anything needed doing it would be done and I could come back anytime if I had further concerns, and he put me on another twelve month follow up.

I was worrying about further surgery, but I’m now prepared to make the best of it, and already I believe I am benefiting psychologically.

* I was walking fifteen miles backpacking during the summer, albeit with continual discomfort.

Three recent outings:

Great Mell Fell and Little Mell Fell ten days ago (two Marilyns west of Ullswater). The weather was so bad no photos were taken.

Thursday 17th October - a walk in the Lune valley with Pete and another Pete.

Friday 18th October - Hallin Fell, (one Marilyn, eastern shore of Ullswater).

One for my "signs" collection. All that work in stone before checking the spelling, unless of course there is a sight on the site

Clay being transported from the hillside to Claughton Manor Brickworks in the valley

Quarry House Farm - under renovation -a remote and windswept place to live


Ullswater north from Hallin Fell

Ullswater south from Hallin Fell

Boredale and Boredale Hause from Hallin Fell

Katie update:

from a visit to Wray Castle at the north west end of Winderemere. National Trust have opened all the rooms to include very informal activities for kids - well worth a visit if you are stuck for something to do with the offspring.

With Uncle Will

Moi - Katie was allowed free range with the camera - this is arguably a better effort than the ones of ceilings and floors

K. showing signs of following Mum's footsteps as a teacher


welshpaddler said...

If 2 medical men disagree what hope does the patient have. Hope it improves.
Just back from a week based in Patterdale and we did walk down the Hause in your photo.

Sir Hugh said...

WP - Hi Bob. some years ago I took the old mountain bike from Brotherswater up to Rampsgill Head then downhill all the way over various tops and Loadpot Hill then back down the side of Ullswater and back over Boredale Hause - it was a matter of survival only pushing up that rugged path. I got the route out of some book, and suspect the author had never actually ridden it himself.

I hope you had a good week - are you going to post about it?

afootinthehills said...

Hope your knee continues to improve Conrad. I discovered that following my visit to hospital in June to get my MRI scan result and my decision not proceed with surgery straight away, I'd been discharged from the outpatients clinic. I am now therefore right back at the beginning of the system and it could take until April to have the surgery. What a system!

I'm not prepared to see another summer ruined on Friday arranged to have it done privately and should hear soon about an appointment.

welshpaddler said...

Hi Conrad,

i have spent most of day writing up blogs, they should go live later this week.

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot - hi Gibson. It just seems to be such a struggle with the NHS. I don't think it's the people but the system. I know exactly how you feel. I did nothing last year.

Best of luck.


WP - good news. Looking forward to your pot.

Sir Hugh said...

Would - sorry, post.

Sir Hugh said...

WP - I think the wine is getting to me.

Anonymous said...

The comments of your surgeon were very unprofessional! Does make it difficult for the patient. It can always be a good idea to get another opinion.
Catching up with your doings having just returned from backpacking in Spain.Check my 'pots'

gimmer said...

it sounds to me as though there is amour propre involved here: you may find Number Three has to be consulted if things don't improve spontaneously - I sensed from your reports that No 2 was more scientific and No 1 more Sir Lancelot!

Sir Hugh said...

Bowland climber and Gimmer. I don't know which of the two I have most faith in, although Mr P. who did the operation seemed more clued up and took a lot of trouble to explain things, and for the moment I am going along with what he said. I have been out geocaching locally and the knee is standing up quite well for the moment. I did two caches today (Sunday) which involved minor rock climbing !

Anonymous said...

Geocaching and rock climbing? That's an interesting combination.