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Friday, 11 October 2013

Gone fishing.

Wednesday evening, I am watching North West Tonight. After the weather forecast I phone Pete to finalise arrangements for our Thursday walk. Neither of us remember canceling because of weather going back to mid 2012 when we walked the Lancaster Canal in sections.

A dramatic drop in temperature is predicted. I advise Pete to remember gloves.

Our walk takes us through the village of Killington - most readers will relate to the euponymous motorway services, but I reckon few will have visited the village?

I enjoy looking for oddities on the OS map, or along the way, for later Internet research. Today we find a padlocked gate with a small, amateur sign saying “p.a.a.s” access only”. A car is parked inside. As we are only a few hundred metres from the river Lune, previous experience, and a personal interest trick me into thinking of "angling association". These are  normally  named from their geographical location, but we can't think of anywhere in the locale relating to “a.a.”. Our best, but not associated guesses are: from me, “public address”, and from Pete, Pierre Allain (famous climber lending name to seminal rock climbing shoe).

 Later research provided the following:

...back in 1954 a group of a dozen or so friends and match anglers regularly met at the Prince Albert Pub in Newton Street Macclesfield, Cheshire...

...from those humble beginnings the Prince Albert Angling Society* has grown to be the largest and most successful fishing club in Europe today boasting a portfolio of over 230 waters, a membership of over 8,500 and a waiting list approaching 2500

Click for more info.

* my underlining.

What will we turn up next?

Worth clicking to enlarge pics

Wakebarrow Scar looks worth a visit sometime

 Potential climbing here for lazy climbers? Right on edge of road with parking included

Calf Top, above Barbon

Sun on the Howgills

The Lakes


Roderick Robinson said...

"From these humble beginnings". Nonsense. There was no need to name the society after the pub. As it is, years after, one's conclusion is that they were all monarchists. Would you go fishing with a monarchist? You'd best avoid them.

There's a clue elsewhere "a dozen or so friends and match anglers". Implying no one has a friend who's a match angler. But that's all in the past and these self-regarding contemplators (Falstaff has a great phrase for them as singletons: "this vice's dagger") are elderly if not downright old. No longer fishing but holding administrative posts in the PAAS. Sneering at those applying for membership from the waiting list. Is there anything smugger in life than secretly revelling in having a waiting list?

I hate them all. They will go to a special kind of hell where huge fish will cast lines (hooks loaded with twenty-pound notes) on to the river bank, and the unwary picking at the bait, will be drawn underwater to be photographed. Over and over again. A condign fate since I have this evil belief that many PAAS members cannot swim ("I never found the need.")

Anonymous said...

First of all I'm reassured, after your brothers rant, that you won't be joining the PAAS anytime now despite your bad knee. Keep up these humble but fascinating walks.
Now you mention it I've never be to Killington village either. Had to get the maps out to orientate myself away from the M6 service station, a regular stop for tony and I on the way back from the northern lakes [usually Shepherds Crag]
From the map of your perambulation I've tried to guess the location of the 'climbing' lay-by. The pine trees give perhaps a clue to two possible sites. How high were the rocks, ?15-20ft? When I'm feeling lazy may need the grid reference!

Sir Hugh said...

RR - Humble (a good word in its own right) is what I am when I'm trespassing and meet the farmer.

You are probably correct about match anglers. They are often despised by the allegedly elitist game anglers (fly fishers).

The last club I was a member of was supposedly for the benefit of my kids in the competitive swimming scene - never again.


bowlandclimber - Don't worry. I haven't put my name on the waiting list, so "any time soon" isn't relevant, even in the distant future. By then RR will be happier because it will mean the best part of 2500 PAAS members will have died off, albeit to be replaced by the waiting list enthusiasts.

The grid reference to within 100 yards or so is SD 597 882, and roadside easy ewnough to spot and park.