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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mynydd Anelog 192m. SH 152 272, and Mynydd Rhiw 304m. SH 228 294

The first of these, although perhaps the easiest of ascent is, in my opinion, the best in this peninsula group. Being close to the sea and near the end of the peninsula overlooking Aberdaron Bay to the south east and the Irish Sea to the west the views are brilliant and atmospheric. You can even see the snow capped peaks of Snowdonia far away to the north east. The approach was on desperately narrow country lanes, and the walk up took only twenty minutes.

Mynydd Rhiw has a road to within a kilometre of the summit which continues as a track to service the aerial mast at the summit. It would be quite easy to drive up that track to within fifty yards of the trig but I left the car and had a bracing walk with cold wind and bright sunshine. There was a nostalgic for me view of Hell's Mouth and its adjoining coastline which were all part of my Welsh Boundary walk in 2011.

Mynydd Anelog. Only promoted to Marilyn status in July 2013

Aberdaron Bay from Mynydd Anelog summit

Distant Mynydd Rhiw. The far left hand end with cloud behind

Great Hell's Mouth from Mynydd Rhiw trig

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Location:Leynn peninsula


welshpaddler said...

I think you may be stalking us Conrad!
We walked the coast today anti clockwise from Aberdaron. Mainly Sun all day but very windy. Looks a bit grim for Wednesday. Hope you are warm in your caravan.

When will And log go digital?


Sir Hugh said...

WP - hi Bob. I may have been able to see you from the top of Mynydd Anelog with binocs. I am really enjoying revisiting the scenes of my Welsh walk.

Don't understand your last comment about digital?

Forecast hints at snow low down for tomorrow. I am all snug and warm at the caravan and happy to baton down and read if weather is too bad.

AlanR said...

Weshpaddler beat me to it. I wondered if you could still get a reception from Mynydd Anelog.
Sent from my digital nexus 7.

Sir Hugh said...

Oh dear! I've got it now.

Surely a Nexus 7 is a camera? I'm just going from memory.

Panic. I think technology may be leaving me behind, much as I try

AlanR said...

It has a camera same as your iPad. Asus Nexus 7.
Technology cannot be kept up with by anybody anymore. Tech is moving in so many different directions.
Like 4k TV is making HD redundant so soon.

welshpaddler said...

Hi Conrad,

Predictive texts!

Anelog sounds like analogue, hence when will it become digital!

Sleep sound - I know I will.


mike M said...

Great the last of what you refer to as a "trig"?

Sir Hugh said...

Mike M. - yes. A triangulation point. The Uk has always been mapped by a governmental/military quango called the Ordnance Survey. Trig points are set up where they can be seen by two others, usually on high points. Instruments attached measure angles between including elevations and maps are constructed in triangles. There are thousands of these concrete, or stone built pillars in the UK. You will have seen examples of OS maps on my blog at at scale of 1:50000, but they do a larger scale at 1:25000.. These maps are more detailed and informative than any others I have ever encountered and are arguably works of art in their own right.

Blonde Two said...

What an impressive collection of ladies Sir Hugh. But I am puzzled - it doesn't appear to be raining. I was under the impression that it always rained in Wales - not that this ever dims my love for it.

It does, apparently always rain on Dartmoor!

Roderick Robinson said...

Never mind all this persiflage. What we need now is proof that you (or more particulary your caravan) survived Wednesday. Your area of operation was hidden under a blizzard of met symbols - esp. those fast-moving, clearly poisonous, darts.