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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Not an SOS

I am humbled with enquiries about my well being in the light of Red Warning weather conditions. I have been safely hunkered down feeling like Donald Crowhurst whilst his fellow competitors were battling it out round The Horn.

The site is serendipitously well sheltered - a flook, not my organisation. I have been watching a stand of forty foot pines bending like Norman archers bows, and listening to rain as though the caravan was being shotblasted from the outside.

I am suffering hardship, but not complaining. The mains electric has gone off here and in my host's farmhouse. With electric hookup what you use is inclusive in the site fee, so heat and lighting are used like confetti at a wedding, but you would be amused to see me scrimping on my use of the precious gas that I have to pay for, and measuring the amount of water by mugsfull as I heat up for a brew. Lighting is supported by my twelve volt battery which normally gets charged by the mains electric, so what I have now is a finite resource related to how long the battery will last, so I am dodging about doing my chores only using a single twelve volt light.

All is calm and blue sky at 8:30 am on Thursday. I'm off to the farm to see if there is any news about the electricity.

9:00 am, back again. The whole of Criccieth is off electric, hopefully to be restored today. I am having signal trouble so it may be a while before this gets posted.

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Location:Rhoslan. Leynn peninsula


John J said...

Good to hear that all is well - a rock & roll caravan is a scary prospect. Hopefully you've got your car close by so you can give the caravan battery a quick blast when it begins to fade.

gimmer said...

well done, but I was confident you would emerge triumphant - what is a hurricane compared with Kilbreck and countless other Highland blasts!
now for another/more M's, I trust.

Roderick Robinson said...

Woe, things are really serious (despite your attempt to calm the worriers). Scrimping with your brew. Denying yourself the teapot ritual. A bit like being excommunicated and going without the sacraments. Trip over a rug and you risk an uncleansed death.

Criccieth figured in the late-night news last night (we were at the opera and missed NaT). That's good. Once the BBC establishes a place is suffering, the helpers surge in. It happened in the south at a place called Wraysbury; now the Royal Fusiliers are there, happily shoting looters.

AlanR said...

Thats the spirit Conrad. Glad your ok.

afootinthehills said...

I've just seen the devastation around Porthmadog so I'm glad you are ok and in good spirits Conrad.

The Crow said...

Weird weather patterns this winter - all over!

Hope you have electricity back again, and that you stay safe and warm.

Blonde Two said...

A real adventure Sir Hugh - who would have thought it possible in a caravan. Blonde hurrahs to you for continuing on your Marilyn quest - we have stayed inside but are venturing to Exmoor on Monday for an adventure of our own.

Sir Hugh said...

aLL - sorry fo delay in replies but have not been able to get on Internet.
JJ - good thinking re the battery. All ok now.


Gimmer - Klibreek, although not so sustained was the strongest wind ever for me.


RR - the electric kettle is back in action now. No more living on thr edge for the mo.


Alan R and Afoot - thanks for your comments Alan and Gibson.


Blonde Two - I can turn walking down to my local shop into an epic.