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Monday, 17 March 2014

Photoshop painting - rusty barn

In my post sated 15th December 2013 - "Fresh air and motivation" I showed the beginnings of my Photoshop painting of a rusty barn.

The picture is now finished. I suggest click to enlarge.


The Crow said...

In the Deep South, where I was born, we have tobacco sheds that look very much like this one, except yours is in better shape.

Nice work, Conrad.


Phreerunner said...

Very nice, Conrad. I'm impressed.

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - Hi Martha. I had a look at Google Images and found this. It was the nearest to my effort. I hope this works - not sure if you can use a link to Dropbox in Blogger Comments. If it doesn't work you could copy and paste it into your browser..


Phreerunner - thanks for your comment.

The Crow said...

I'm impressed! Didn't think there were any deluxe tobacco barns (sheds, really, I guess) left in the South. During the Depression, my mother's parents and siblings had to live in a corncrib for several months before her father found steady work and decent housing. I think they'd have been thrilled to have that Dillon County barn for shelter. (Thanks for finding that.)

Still prefer your barn. I like especially the colors you used for the sheet metal siding; very realistic.