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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Day 1 Saturday 26th April - Arnside to High Bentham

Arrived High Bentham (Mason Gill SD 683 691)  4:30 - 22 plus miles, 10.5 hours! Camping at Curlew Camping. Tea on arrival. Rucksack carried to pitch £5. Chauffeur one mile to village and back for meal at pub.


AlanR said...

Thats good going Conrad. Well done Sir.

gimmer said...

two great débuts on the same day
good start indeed - 22 miles eh!

afootinthehills said...
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afootinthehills said...

Cracking start Conrad. Your knee is obviously performing well. Excellent.

Sir Hugh said...

Thanks to all.

Gayle said...

That's certainly a flying start! Looking forward to seeing where you'll be heading next.

Hope Day 2 has been as good a day for you as I've had here on Anglesey.