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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Day 2. Sunday 27th April. Bentham to Settle. About 13 miles. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Packing up this morning I found THE HAT was missing. Must have left it at the pub last night.

Twenty minutes down the road a pleasant young lady was calling her cocker spaniel who had run after a hare. The hat story was told. Andrea knew the pub people and my campsite hosts and promised to retrieve the hat and post it home to me if possible. Eventually the spaniel returned from half a mile away at great speed - he'd had a great time - been across the river - great dog.

Farmers fields and elusive footpaths on top of still being weary from yesterday's big walk made for hard going. Some of the walking was on the old Dales limestone tracks. with the dramatic backdrop of Three Peaks country - that is great walking. I am still in familiar territory which is fine but I'm looking forward to moving into regions less familiar.

Weight is onerous for my old creaking frame and I am thinking of ditching food and reducing cooking equipment to one pot, one stove, one mug, tea, coffee, choc drink, and one small gas canister.

I am in a guest house in Settle. Have bought another hat - Jack Wolfskin - no chinstrap. I produced black elastic from the Miscellaneous dry sack, and with the aid of Swiss Army knife Wolfskin is now chin strapped.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Location:Penny Green,Settle,United Kingdom


gimmer said...

that's still a big day by standards of anything recent but yesterday's huge launch - and if I recall correctly, none of your last year's walks were 'camping' weight, so it will take a while to get trail-fit. I did wonder if you were a bit overweight on the catering kit and food front if going through inhabited lands, so that is a good plan - as the tedious cliché goes, every little helps.
Must be good to have got right away from home ground in one giant leap and feel already you are up and away - deep envy: well done: we hope it continues that way so well.

mike M said...

Already I'm having trouble keeping up! I'm assuming you're carrying a large roll of cash so you can replenish forgotten gear, and a sidearm to protect the cash. I don't blame you for not publicly listing these in your kit, but that's quite a bit of weight as well.

Roderick Robinson said...

I have settled on a settle in Settle. One wouldn't expect too much in the way of change in that town. Funny, I've been aware of Settle since - oh, I dunno - I was ten yet I've never before made that linguistic connection. A good destination town.

I've always thought of hats as something decorative. No doubt there are other justifications. A bit like being a cowboy - you never see bare-headed one. Or undertakers.

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - yes, not so many people would understand that thing about walking clear of home territory. I'm looking forward to the less familiar as I am still in parts of the old territory you and I know so well.


Mike M - I have a little nest egg bank account which is rarely used with its own debit card used for special treats now and then. No need for firearms in good old Uk, and illegal anyway. I look forward to having you puzzled now and again as I go along, and as a gentleman will always endeavour to explain.


RR - many memories of Settle from the past when the old Buckhaw Brow road used to go through the middle: The Naked Zman Café, and breaking down in Tom's old Austin 10, or was that in Kendal?

The hat being broad brimmed protects from the sun, and also gives me a somewhat eccentric appearance which may sometimes be used to advantage.