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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Very expensive trail food

Gimmer's suggestion for apricots on my last post has been heeded, more by circumstances than intention. Why?

Last Sunday (Easter) daughter Jill and granddaughter Katie were coming for an
Easter egg hunt for Katie and a family meal - son William was away with his motor bike racing team.

I decided to cook a ham and make an apricot chutney as seen on TV done by Mary Berry and prepared the latter the day before. First of all my weighing scales needed its obscure batteries replacing. A trip to the shop to buy batteries and ingredients proved fairly expensive. It was a tiresome job fine cutting onions, apricots, chilies, garlic, and peeling and grating root ginger, zesting and squeezing oranges, and measuring out quantities of sugar, maple syrup and cider vinegar. I followed the recipe precisely. The result was disgusting and it went straight down the lavatory. There were some apricots left over, so now you have the answer.

I am typing this on the iPad to get a little practice for blogging on the hoof after I set off on Saturday.

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gimmer said...

that brings back a memory - in March 2009, I made some Seville Orange chutney (multiple suppliers of Sevilles for marmalade all bought without coordination, so I had an excess for the main task, and used a well-tried and tested superb 'spiced Indian apple and damson chutney' recipe, suitably altered, to use them up).
It resulted in a huge batch: on the label, I advised recipients to allow it to mature for a year before using: it was a new paradigm for sourly sweet bitterness - only now is it becoming other than palate shrivelling - almost enjoyable.
But still very much a sophisticated adult taste, to be used in smidgens - now only twenty or so jars left to give away. Any takers ? Good for enlivening cheese, peanut butter and oatcake meals, perhaps: seck a laal bit does!

mike M said...

Well I wish I could have tried it before you threw it away. Another great photo.

bowlandclimber said...

Another comment to help your ipad practice. Bon Voyage!
Hope you don't poison yourself with camp cooking.
By the way - hunted for Easter eggs in the photo - couldn't find any, well hidden.
Let me know if you need any backup in the early part of your walk.
You need to set up a competition [Easter egg as prize?] for the first person,not in the know, to guess your ultimate destination.

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - it is a wise person who knows when to turn back on a mountain, and the same applies to the decision to trash disaster food - sounds like your experience was borderline - not having been offered any of the product I will give you the benefit of the doubt.
Mike M - if you had done you may never have written the comment.


Bowlandclimber - hi John. In my mind there are four intermediate destinations, or I think I should say five to include the first day's.especially as it is a twenty miler. If that is achieved there will then be some hope of going on for the rest.

If people want to guess so be it, and if they do I will respond one way or another. How goes your toe?

Anonymous said...

This reminds me WHY I don't do home baking!
I am interested to hear how you get on with iPad and blogging. (I find it's auto-completing habit intensely annoying. And also difficult to insert the 'cursor' at any desired point.)

Anonymous said...

And the misplaced apostrophe in its above illustrates my point neatly.

Sir Hugh said...

Ruth - Hi. I use the Blogger app on the iPad. A big advantage is being able to include photos stored on the iPad.. The app is easy to use, but when you come to "publish" I find it prudent to "save as local draft" first because if the post doesn't go because of poor signal it can get lost. With the saved draft you can then re-send it. A post with pics seems to need a better signal than plain text.

The predictive text thing can be a nuisance, but I find on balance it is better to leave it on. Cursor location gets better with practice.

My worst predictive text aberration was replacement of the word emails with the word emasculation, a bit embarrassing at the time.

bowlandclimber said...

Not sure about that first day- why not split it into two easy days to get you going. Probably too late for that advice as you should be tucked up in bed now ready for tomorrow.