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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Day 5 - Wednesday 30th April. Askwith to Netherby SE 331 469

Better news today. If made redundant they have been told will be paid to end of August plus redundancy pay so situation now a bit less critical and I will continue for the moment.

Steady country walking today. Farmers' fields, stiles (often broken). Hardly saw anybody all day. A bit lonely. Wanted to get to Wetherby but without crippling effort it was too far then I spotted Maustin Park caravan/camping site on the map. Excellent set up including a restaurant (that was the good news) , but it is closed on Wednesdays. Seeing my obvious disappointment they made me a huge cheese and tomato toasted sandwich which they brought to my tent (free of charge Gayle) and it went down well with a pea and ham cup-a-soup. There will be chocolate drink and a chewy bar to follow later.

I have had a go with the camera and will do more when I get somewhere with unlimited charging facilities.

1 6:00am Saturday, chez-moi

2. Another for my Signs collection

3. Typical Yorkshire Dales old lane - a delight for walking

4.the River Aire at Airton


That last was at 8:00 am this morning, Thursday. I have now walked into Wetherby. It is 11:00am. Knowing the whole picture including details I have not given here I know that whatever the outcome my support will be needed.

I have enjoyed the walk so far but to be savagely honest with myself I now know my knees are not really up to it, especially with the weight to carry for proper back backpacking, so when I have my fill of bacon butty and tea in this café I'm off to the bus station to find out how to get home.

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gimmer said...

understandable but doubly disappointing for you
- at least the section you did sounded very good and interesting.

Gayle said...

I do hope that all comes good for Jill, whatever the outcome.

You may have concluded that your knees aren't currently happy with full-weight backpacking, but I reckon that the Anglesey coast can most probably be walked using a caravan and public transport. I've not looked into it, but I've certainly seen plenty of buses and bus stops to suggest it would be possible. With 20(ish) miles to go I think I can now safely declare it as being a superb route, particularly in fine weather.