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Friday, 9 May 2014

There are still proper people about

Regular readers will know I lost The Hat which has accompanied me since 2005 on many adventures and thousands of miles, and as such is a cherished friend - see:  Two good friends . My chapeau was left at The Black Bull in Bentham on the first night of my recent walk from Arnside to Wetherby. Next morning, bareheaded, I  met a young lady called Andrea twenty minutes into my walk and she lived in Bentham and knew the pub people and my camp site hosts and promised to try and rescue TH.

This morning a package arrived in the post and we were reunited.

Many thanks to:

Andrea of Bentham

The Black Bull, Bentham

Curlew Camping, Masongill, Bentham. 

Curlew is a small private site, well maintained with a friendly welcome, and I would certainly recommend them.

My best wishes to all you lot away on the TGO - hang onto your hats.


gimmer said...

when it happens, it is doubly good - it should not really be such a rarity but makes one glad when it does:
a visit, a meal and a pint in thanks - worth a detour ? - or a journey?

Sir Hugh said...

gimmer - a letter of thanks including two photos of THE HAT, one at John o'Groats, and one on the top of Sgurr Mor, my last Munro. A suitable enclosure was included suggesting a donation to charity.

gimmer said...

a joint test of the proposition, perhaps, nevertheless !

mike M said...

"A suitable enclosure was included suggesting a donation to charity." Chivalry and etiquette being pretty much dead here in the US, I have a hard time grasping this. It sounds as though you sent a small reward to the hat rescuers, along with a suggestion of how to manage it, though the way you've worded it the enclosure WAS the suggestion. The suggestion to donate preempts an anticipated refusal of the reward, and so ends the postings?

Sir Hugh said...

Mike M - I think you could get a job as a proofreader if you are not already so employed. I have to agree with you that my sentence is ambiguous, but within its context the meaning is pretty obvious, but I am still suitably chastened and not trying to get myself of the hook.

How about:

A suitable enclosure was included, and I suggested making a donation to charity.

mike M said...

It's the suggestion to donate that baffles me. Was it for the reason I suggest? Curious me, bordering on nosy, but it seems the hat fetchers had already proven charitable.

Sir Hugh said...

Mike M - I sent her a bank note and the wording I used in the letter was:

"Please find enclosed a small token to cover your expenses or donate to a charity of your choice"

Some people feel uncomfortable about being rewarded, and will often refuse there and then. As this was done by post it would give her a satisfactory solution in the event of her not wishing to profit from just doing a good deed.

mike M said...

As per the last sentence of my first comment. Well done then.