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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Glen Affric could be trashed

There are plans afoot to put a windfarm in Glen Affric.

That's like putting a brothel in a church.

Glen Affric is one of the most iconic beautiful spots in the whole of the UK.


Generally I get irritated with all kinds of people asking me to sign petitions,  but I feel very strongly about this.

Please take a few minutes to read Alan Sloman's blog and follow the link to sign the online petition.



Alan Sloman said...

Thank you, Conrad.

I liked your analogy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the alert, will follow up. We certainly don't need wind farms in Glen Affric.

gimmer said...

i'm a dedicated opponent of most windfarms in England and Scotland - they are too often poorly sited, grossly disruptive of the visual landscape and the very land they are sited on, cost all electricity users serious money in subsidising the companies who operate them and the landowners who accommodate them, whilst rarely repaying the energy balance of their fabrication, construction or operation without these subsidies. As they can never be used as a sole source of power due to the variability of the basic power source and so need 'conventional' powerstations to back them up when the wind is too feeble or too strong (ridiculous but true), this energy balance is more negative than their basic cost/output might imply.
The designs here are ugly, noisy and visually obtrusive over huge distances, aggravated by the urge to build higher and higher mills, requiring more and more massive structures, blades and infrastructure and increasing their visual impact.
Imagine my surprise therefore to find that there are many more such 'farms' in France, with delicate, almost elegant mills, less densely packed, frequently merging into the landscape or horizon and thus not intrusively visible from afar - most are sited on the plains and broad low ridges, not higher mountain sides, and thus avoid damaging the landscape in the way we have allowed here.
As France is generally less windy than Britain, but with maximum wind strengths as great, there is no good reason why they should not also be sited on the lower land here, where they cannot be seen over such vast distances as most are today.
If a centralised, still dirigiste economy and society can develop use of renewables to meet EU targets in such a generally acceptable way, why do we make such a process so deeply damaging and unpopular.
Why are ours so gross and damaging - if the French can, why not us?
Words cannot being to describe my disgust at the Glen Affric proposal - but is an example of how a politically motivated and privileged group, having seduced the elective dictatorship such as Scotland has become, can ruin a country for their own ends for no overriding benefit to the majority of the nation and the long-term detriment of its present and future generations.

Sir Hugh said...

All - thanks for your comments. Pity there weren't more for such a serious matter.

Mark said...

Glen Affric? Words fail me. Is it time for an environmental equivalent to a war crime, some sort of threat to hold these people to account somewhere down the line?