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Sunday, 19 October 2014

LEG acknowledges his foot

I posted just before setting off for the SW Coast Path/Two Moors Way walk about acquiring a new sound system.

In the past I had separates. To listen to FM music (DAB wasn't available) I had to get up, cross the room, crouch down to floor level, and with difficulty manipulate various controls. Selecting tracks for a cd so it didn't continue to play the throwaway piece tagged on after the symphony was even more fiddly. Most of the time I just couldn't be bothered. How lazy can you get?

I have a sort of guilt feeling for such indolence, and perhaps it illustrates my lack of commitment to the wholly intellectual life, but I just wasn't listening to music which I do enjoy.

I can now sit in my chair and listen to superior tv sound, play cds and select tracks, listen to quality sound DAB radio on many preselected channels, or play any music I have on the iPad or IPhone with ease.

That may not be helpful in view of having just been diagnosed with a blood clot in LOWER LEG, but I do get up and wander about every so often, and as advised by the medics, keep waggling LEG's foot.

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Roderick Robinson said...

Play Gesualdo madrigals to your lower leg - that always works. No one knows how many there are, possibly a googleplex. They are unexceptional to listen to individually but then no one (as with Weetabix) ever listens to just one. They are the form of entertainment that "musical wallpaper" was invented to describe. As with advanced mathematics they take you as close as possible to an understanding of that evasive term "infinity".

Your lower leg will be lulled - first into submission, then into not caring. You yourself will find you are able to blog entirely in abstract concepts and thus claim deservedly to be an intellectual.

You think the farmers at Ambio was a one-off? I can turn this sort of stuff on like a tap.

Sir Hugh said...

I presume just listening to "a crisp of Weetabix" is part of the complex diet you are embarked upon. That is my collective noun. If you had enough of them you could build a small wall in Flemish Bond, or line out a dedicated acoustic room where you could listen to Gesualdo and fantasise all at the same time.

As for that writing, the skill is knowing when to turn the tap off.

gimmer said...

let us know when you change your blogonym to Dunbar Rover -
or maybe King Edward but steer clear of Duke of York unless you aim for misunderstandings!
a lot to be said for ditching the remotes !

Blonde Two said...

Listening to madrigals (and yes I do know what one is) is enough to make anyone want to cut even a well behaved leg off with the bottom of a broken bottle found in the smelliest of Dartmoor bogs ... on a Tuesday!

Sir Hugh said...

gimmer - I've always had a penchant for jacket potatoes. When I was young I had an ambition to open a fast food outlet called The succulent Potato.


Blonde Two - I'll leave you to sort that out between you. I did listen to some of Gesualdo on You Tube, and I'm not rushing off to but the box set.

welshpaddler said...

Hi Conrad,

Hope the leg improves. I really should have made contact as we had a week in the South lakes based in Greenodd and actually walked in Arnside and Whitbarrow last week. Weather not that accommodating but always good to be in the Lakes.

Blogs to follow.

Sir Hugh said...

WP - you are welcome to call in anytime when you are in my domain.