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Tuesday, 7 October 2014


I have followed The Two Blondes blog for more than two years.  They have now been nominated for the above award.

Have a look at their blog:

The Two Blondes

Because of their insistence on anonymity, which is intriguing, I am a bit restricted in what I can say, but I do write from some inside knowledge, and they certainly get my vote on two counts.


They have posted every single day for more than a year, and in writing terms they have a delightful, individual, enviable style that is consistently witty, passionate, thoughtful and always a pleasure to read, covering a wide range of thoughts and deeds mostly related to their passion for Dartmoor (and Fox Tor Café at Princetown which is also up for the Café of the Year Award, and deserves its own vote). To achieve such consistency of quality, writing on a daily basis for more than a year, is an outstanding achievement which no other blog I follow can match.


The Two Blondes devote all their spare time to organising and teaching Duke of Edinburgh Award kids, and teams for the Ten Tors Event. They drive full minibuses all over the place, camp, hike, sing, play games, console, encourage, laugh, inspire, and thoroughly enjoy themselves. They have brought confidence, skills, and a sense of values to hundreds of youngsters. They also involve their charges in various conservation projects and work with a number of bodies in that connection.

To do all that, and at the same time cope with Health and Safety regulations, endless form filling, risk assessments , and the perils of legal liability, which put off so many potential youth leaders is worth an accolade in its own right.

Please give them your vote, here is the link:


High Horse said...

Have given my vote. I admire them both for their dedication to giving young people the opportunity to experience the outdoors.

Sir Hugh said...

HH - Thanks for that.

gimmer said...

to post every day for over a year now
never turgid, always interesting
sometimes jolly
sometimes a bit sad
always inspiring
a tight race but I think they shade it against tough opposition (as, I understand, can Dartmoor be, if played against 'her' nature) -
even if they don't do mountains (yet!)

Blonde Two said...

Sir Hugh - we are humbled by your comments. Thank you so much to all of you.

AlanR said...

Yep, well worth reading their blog but i have already made my nomination unfortunately.

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer and Alan R - thanks for your comments.