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Thursday, 23 April 2015


I had intended to include an anecdote from my drive from Richmond to Brora yesterday, but it involved a photo taken on the iPhone. I needed to email that photo to myself so it would then be available on the iPad so I could use it in a post. The email just wouldn't go during the last 24 hours, but it has now suddenly done its thing so here goes.

I have done a lot of amateur plumbing in my time, usually finding my pipe work takes on a life of its own compared with the enviable symmetry achieved by professionals. At a filling station lavatory on the way today I couldn't help noticing an interesting example. My guess is that this was done by an inspired amateur.

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gimmer said...

you will be surprised - or maybe not - to learn that this is an interesting example of a well-known exploit in ultimae thulum - designed to confuse the sassenachs, disrupt their innate sense of technological superiority, bedazzle with the skills of the fairy folk and to fear the things that rumble and gurgle in the night; best resolved with a dram or two of life's water.

John J said...

That's a nice looking site, I'll look it up in 'The Book' when I get home.

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer I csn't translate your Latin. I can assure you I saw no fairy folk when I was taking the phot, despite the fact that I once lived in Cottingley - Google Cottingley fairies.

Sir Hugh said...

JJ - yes. Quiet and peaceful out of school holidays. This is my second visit here so that is proof.