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Monday, 23 November 2015

Test for chopped text

This a test to see if my text is being chopped off at the righthand edge when I post from my iPad using Blogpress. That will mean I have to do quite a bit of typing so I can get a few lines I. I then intend to add a photo, although there is no option for adding captions. You just have to use normal text under the photo.

This a photo of a tractor. I want more than one line here so I can see if any text is missing.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


AlanR said...

Looks like its working. Just like that photo of the David Brown 996 with loader beam accessory bolted on. Built in Huddersfield co-incidentaly between 1971 - 1980.

Roderick Robinson said...

I'm not entirely sure what you're after here. What I do see is a huge white space between the word "missing" and the Mac corp's egregious act of self-promotion and your connivance with them in this.

Perhaps you like areas of white space. Perhaps the Mac corp likes them and as usual is imposing its iron will on you. Perhaps the white space is ineradicable.

Me, I don't like white space; it is too representative of vacancy between the ears. However, whenever I post I go to the end of my post, find out the furthermost extremity that will accept the cursor's winking vertical line and then work backspace until I meet up with my final full stop (US: period). This gobbles up unwanted white space.

Sir Hugh said...

Alan R - Thanks. Different people seem to get different views of blogs depending on what systems they are using. I have just put up a new post from the computer using Blogger in the normal way and everything seems ok again now.


RR - It was just a test because Blogger was behaving erratically and once I got a composition anywhere near acceptability I was tempted to settle for that rather than having things jumping all over the place and more text being chopped off. As mentioned above I have now done a new post and all seems to have reverted to normal. I share your dislike of empty space at the bottom of the post.

mikeM said...

Looks good here.