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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas presents

On Boxing Day, we exchange Boxing Day presents. These are generally of a more lighthearted nature than the main Christmas Day presents.

This year we bought W. a present which, once assembled, inflated,  and correctly ballasted, and the radio control mastered, provided much amusement.

It is now New Year's Eve and the family have departed but I am still left with the helium filled monster which floats round the house in ghostly fashion, often impeding my movement from room to room and frightening the life out of me.

I am awaiting his collection now by daughter High Horse because I reckon Shark is going to feature at the New Year's Eve party at Arnside Sailing Club tonight which my offspring will be attending.

Yesterday I caught him halfway out of the front door making a bid for freedom.



Which one next?

All those expensive presents and a liquorice allsort wins the day


The Crow said...


I wouldn't have been able to sleep well that night, had one been on the lose in my house. Cool present, though.

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - Hi Martha. He departed my house yesterday in daughter's car. I think he was due to star at the sailing club shindig daughter and son were attending last night. I await to hear of his adventures.

Frank5175 said...

A really delightful post - enjoyed the W references. We have no such landscape down here in SE London so your walk blogs provide much food for thought.
Happy New Year.

Sir Hugh said...

Frank5175 - Thanks for your comment. It is gratifying to find I have followers from further afield. I am fortunate to have such scenery on my doorstep - it was only half an hour's drive to the start of that walk, and Arnside and Silverdale where I live is an AONB. The central part of the Lake District is becoming very busy these days, but the hills on the periphery described in Outlying Fells offer more peace and quiet.

Rouchswalwe said...

Hurrah! Prost to you and a Happy New Year!

Sir Hugh said...

Rouchswalwe - and the same to you. I do have a batch of home brewed ale which has turned out very well after maturing for about a year in the bottles and I think of you each time I open one. It was made modestly from a kit, and aims at producing a bottled version of the traditional English bitter draught beer. I reckon it's time to get brewing again so the next lot will have time to do its thing in the bottle.


Rouchswalwe said...

Oh! An English Bitter ... that's wonderful. Yes, it's a good time to brew now, and delicious ales can be produced from kits.

Cheers, Sir Hugh!