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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Katie's next birthday present?

Granddaughter Katie was four years old last October, so there's a bit of time to save up for next  October.

During this half term mum took K to the Ice Cream Farm near Chester, a multi-activity venue for kids.

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Here is K operating a JCB after only a couple of minutes instruction. It seems she handled this intuitively, so goodness know what the portents are. Anyway, I want to know if adults are allowed and if affirmative I will be joining them next time.


gimmer said...

i have just the job for her - during the Easter hols: booking the 'back-hoe' now: please confirm, as they say in the movies.

The Crow said...

Wow! That's impressive, Conrad, to say the least.

High Horse said...

Katie had a great time on the digger! Get saving Grandpa!

AlanR said...

Well done Katie. Its not as easy as it looks folks.
We used to have competitions who could pick up an egg without breaking it. I doubt i could do it now, i’m out of practice.
Our valves were more sensitive than the JCB valves.