Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Latterbarrow ( Wainwright's Outlying Fells)

Tuesday 16th February

A tortuous drive on  minor roads to the west of Windermere took me to the start, and it being half term those roads were busier than normal. I had to back up perilously a couple of times to permit oncoming cars to pass.

It was the same on the walk - there were people everywhere.

The campaign to walk all these hills in Outlying Fells has so far, more or less, been managed on the basis of nearest home first, but I am now having to do longer drives. The motivation came from my friend Bowland Climber and we have been doing the more adventurous ones together, but whilst he is off on travels abroad I am cherry-picking these minor single ascents which BC will easily be able to play catch-up with in his own time.

Latterbarrow - 0.4 of a mile away in a straight line...

...and now a bit closer with half-termers righthand end. Looking north, the higher snow covered hills behind - click to enlarge

Latterbarrow - Langdales in background

My route was anti-clockwise (opposite to blue arrows).

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