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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Wrekin and Titterstone Clee Hill (Marilyn's)

Yesterday afternoon I decided to sort tyre pressures on the caravan - easy little job? To access the valves I had to lever off the wheel trims with a large screwdriver. They are made of plastic and had become so brittle they fractured all over - a happy half an hour's struggle, and as always with me and anything to do with mechanics, skinned knuckles. Next I decided to hitch up the caravan to the car to save time in the morning. It took twenty minutes of fiddling and half a can of WD40 to remove the hitch-lock. All a bit of a contrast to watching Ed, Mike Brewers mechanic on Wheeler Dealers confidently and effortlessly winging his way through these kind of jobs.

Six forty-five this morning I was having an early breakfast prior to departing for Ludlow with the caravan, and was entertained by Alan Sloman's latest post, and I commented mentioning my "obsessive ticking off of Marilyn's."

I got the message back from Alan ticking me off for the idea of ticking off Marilyns together with a few suggestive and tempting ideas - chance would be a fine thing!

I had Google Earthed the car park and lay-by for The Wrekin and reckoned I may need to be there early to be able to park with the caravan. I was right. The best I could do was an 11:00am arrival after a nearly three hour drive. There was just one possibility where I was able to squeeze off the road beyond the car park. That car park would not have allowed me to turn round with the caravan, and in any case it was full. Steep paths lead to wider tracks with scores of families and couples ascending and descending. I noticed many of them clutching bottles of water. That is something that seems to have become a fashion icon recently rather than an essential need.

After a quick up and down I drove to my farm caravan site east of Ludlow where I had telephoned booked for seven nights a few weeks ago. On arrival it seems they had me down for 29th April - the site wan' even open. Anyway, I was admitted and by 3:00 pm I was installed with my telly working on all channels,ma 3G signal on the phone snd iPad permitting Internet access - looks like it is going to be a comfortable stay. I was able to drive to within twenty minutes walk of the second Marilyn of the day and had incredible extensive views with blue sky and rolling white clouds.

As far as I know I was far from remonstrating withe these two Marilyns, quite the opposite.


I am now going to try and post this'd without photos, because previous experience tells me they cause problems. And a usual it has been a toil doing this on the iPad. The editing facility is clunky, clunky, clunky. I can't even scroll back to the top to read it through  so please excuse any typos.

Wednesday 30th March.


Gayle said...

If you're in the Ludlow area then I'll no doubt recognise many of the hills you're about to visit.

The Wrekin was my most local hill as a child, although the first ascent that I remember was only about 10 years ago. Titterstone Clee Hill, which we visited in January 2015, was memorable mainly for having spent the night in the car park just below its summit, which it turned out is frequented by other nighttime visitors who don't have sleeping on their minds...

Sir Hugh said...

I think the ellipsis is my favourite punctuation mark - mustn't overdo it though. It annoys me when I see people put more than the correct three stops along with multiple exclamation and question marks. Perhaps I "need to get out more???"

Ruth Livingstone said...

Love the name Titterstone!
I think you're brave to post using the iPad. It's autocorrect function drives me mad. I suppose there's a way of turning it off...
... and I like ellipses too :D

afootinthehills said...

Enjoy your trip Conrad. I find the iPhone is easier to use for blogging than the iPad, at least on the brief test blogs I've done. The BlackBerry was excellent with its physical keyboard but I'm getting used to the iPhone.

Sir Hugh said...

Ruth - I keep struggling on with the iPad because I prefer to post as things happen as near as I can. If I had to rely on my memory posts could be a bit sparse. At the moment I can't send photos - I think you really need a wifi connection to do that and I only have 3G in the caravan. I'm following your latest but don't have access to my own Wales walk at the moment to make comparisons..


Afoot - the Apple stuff is better than most others as far as I have experienced - I also have a Mac as my desktop at home, but I'm not starry eyed about Apple like many people. All tech is frustrating at times and I'm quite proud of myself to have come this far with it at my age - most of my contemporaries don't have a clue.