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Friday, 20 January 2017

Photoshop painting (2) and Tebay Sedbergh Rd (2)

Here is the finished canal bridge picture together with a few I did earlier. I have published some of these here before but it was a long time ago.


Attermire Scar

From my "Relics" collection
I'm sure many of you will be familiar with this bridge on the way to Ben Alder etc.


  Thursday walk with Pete

Another dismal day and the first outing since I fell on the ice last Thursday, not because of the fall, but rather the dreary weather. At least it didn't rain. My twisted knee and jarred thumb have made a good recovery. We went back to the same Tebay Sedbergh road, but started from the other direction and walked back up to the scene of my accident, and then back again.

On a fine day the views of the river Lune descending through the gorge with the M6 carving its way high up on the opposite side would be worth the effort on this undulating road. I would certainly consider a return visit when in the mood for a road-only walk. 

We had the Howgills rising steeply straight above us and they do look tempting. I think this range of hills must be one of the least walked in England and I reckon I may be doing some exploring there in the near future.

Conditions for photgraphy were as bad as you can get, but here are a few which I have done my best to brighten up a little in Photoshop.

Blogger has decided to cut off some of the text in the stuff above. I have removed formatting and re-fomratted to no avail - will struggle on to try and solve, but as it is just about comprehensible I am leaving the post up for the moment.

Castley Knotts

Evidence of recent flood repairs. One of the many lively streams running straight off the Howgills

Three in one - the sign, the sheep, and the communications mast overlooking Borrowdale
I thought this lent itself to black and white - see below

Zoom to ponies high up on the hillside - Although not a horsey person I always feel sorry for them in this kind of weather
Camping pods, or "glamping" as they say on their Facebook site. I stayed in one similar on my Two Moors Way across Dartmoor. Google "Howgills Hideaway" if you want more info.

North up the River Lune - you can see what a dull day it was, but 'twould be different with the river sparkling in the sunshine
                     South down the River Lune. Vehicles high up on the M6 in view



AlanR said...

Nice bit of art and thanks for the heads up on the Howgills Hideaway. We may try it out soon.

Sir Hugh said...

AlanR - they only seem to have a site on Facebook. I think they do static caravans as well as the pods.