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My blog nick-name is SIR HUGH. I'm not from the aristocracy - my middle name is Hugh which relates to the list of 282 hills in Scotland compiled by Sir Hugh Munro in 1891. I climbed my last one (Sgurr Mor) on 28th June 2009


Monday, 25 May 2009

Post No. 3

The decking project is now in full swing with the help of my assistant High Horse who is also a my first "follower".

Our family motto: "I think you'll find it better if you do it my way" tends to interrupt the smooth flow of work from time to time as has the demise of my power drill. I have two other cordless drills but they are not up to drilling into paving slabs to fix the angle brackets with the strangely named "thunder bolts".

Thunder bolts are a wonderful example of something that works well. Drill a hole of specific size relative to the size of bolt (the hole is slightly smaller than the diameter of the bolt) into concrete with a masonry drill. Insert the thunder bolt which is in fact a screw with a very broadly spaced thread, and also a hexagonal bolt head. Using a ratchet and socket the bolt threads its way into the concrete and makes a very secure fixing.


Roderick Robinson said...

Thunder Bolt - a great name for a fighter plane, though the words should be run together.

I realise you're enmeshed in decking and that tidying up your blog is work only fit for the epicene. But so much of the initial space is devoted to quotes that there's no immediate hint to a user that you've written a new post.

Sir Hugh said...

I do not understand your use of the word epicene in this context. Why would tyding up a blog have any connection with dual sexuality,sexlessnes or effemininity?

Roderick Robinson said...

Epicene is an adjective. Putting the definite article in front of it turns it into a noun. Therefore, "work only fit for the epicene" is arguably at the opposite end of the spectrum from manly deck-work. The larger point remains. Anyone opening your blog sees only standing matter and has to scroll down to find out whether you've done a new post. Many, tracking through a number of blogs, will not bother. For the same reason I had to reduce the depth of my header montage.