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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Post Number 4

Decking has progressed over the last few, mercilessly hot days.
One of the joists needed to be located along a bulging, random limestone wall. Hire of a percussion drill (generic name) was called for. I have always known them as Kangos in a similar way that one refers to a vacuum cleaner as a Hoover. The aim was to reduce the bulging sides of the wall to a clean vertical face so the joist could fit closely to the stone capping of the wall (see the first two photos - the second pic shows the new joist and the next one in place.

There have been moments of frustration illustrated by pic number three.

Continuation of the family theme "I think you'll find better if you do it my way" has developed further into the singing of "Anything you can do I can do better".

The last picture shows the basic construction nearly complete when we packed up at about 5:00pm yesterday having run out of decking screws. I am sure this will be a great relief to our neighbours, and as today is Sunday I cannot buy more screws. My assistant High Horse has returned to Preston and will be back to school tomorrow to inflict her superiority on her pupils again.


Roderick Robinson said...

A friend of mine once uttered what must be surely one of the eternal verities: "You haven't really done DIY until you've hired a Kango." Since I never have you may draw the appropriate conclusion...

High Horse said...

High Horse would like to point out that she was not allowed to use the Kango as Furrowed Brow monoplised it completly - hence the need to sooth her frustations with her little ditty. :)

Roderick Robinson said...

HH: When we next meet I'll let you have a go with my industrial stapler: that should satisfy your desire for accidental destruction. My angle grinder? Nah, not until you're out of your teens.