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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Abercastle to Fishguard

Thursday 16th June - day 58 (last day)

When I arrived at Trellyn last night there was nobody about. A notice asked delivery people to blow their horn for attention. I have carried a bright orange emergency whistle for years now, and fortunately have never had occasion to use it. One blast produced immediate results (no need for six times a minute).

In the evening Kevin and Claire invited me into the house for wine and chat with their son and two other boys who were staying and cycling back to their home via Cycle Route 4 (the one I have mentioned before running from London to Fishguard). I also had a tour of the site, and yes Gimmer you are right about teepee versus yurt, but Kevin has made a de luxe yurt which I saw and will show you photos later; I had intended to post photos but forgot to take them on the iPhone.

This morning the sun shone and the sea sparkled. If you are reasonably fit and want your soul uplifting go and walk The Pembrokeshire Coast Path for the fourteen miles or so between Abercastle and Fishguard. During the first two hours I only met one person who turned out to be a friend of Kevin and Claire; he was called Pete and he had four dogs who all seemed to be as excited by the spectacular scenery and glorious weather as I was. The combination of last night's stay and that walk have provided a wonderful climax to what has been a very worthwhile project.

The walk was finished at Fishguard railway station at 3:15pm.

I am now in the Cartref Hotel in Fishguard having bought a Welsh T shirt, and another shirt to wear for my proposed visit to one of the two recommended restaurants. According to the Welsh dictionary app that I downloaded to the iPhone Cartref means a home.

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Anonymous said...

again - well done
i called in at de works to day and saw g making grout on his own - he sends his congrats and says 'get back here pdq!"

Gayle said...

Well done, Conrad! It seems like, on balance (ignoring the footpath issues when you were walking down the east side of the country), it was a good walk with lots of interesting people met.

Barrett Bonden said...

Congratulations. It's rather late in the day but I wonder if the seashore qualifies as a boundary. The dictionary employs the word "line" as if the division were notional. A Welsh Circumnavigation is perhaps too ponderous; Round Wales is more concise. Boundary also suggests something smallish and you wouldn't want to undersell your achievement. Perhaps an adaptation of Ed Hillary post-Everest summary: Knocking Off Wales.

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - I think I may keep a low profile for a few days.

Gayle - Thanks. A fair summary I reckon.

BB - Thanks for the congrats. I agree it’s too late for the blog as I have titled every post Welsh Boundary Walk. That was intended to encourage links into the blog from Googlers searching a generalised topic, but I do welcome your comment because I intend to produce another Lulu book of the walk which will need a title. So far I have produced five long distance walks books via Lulu, all with a themed colour scheme and presentation, and they are all titled “Conrad Walks...” , so I intend to continue along similar lines. Perhaps “Conrad Walks 1200 miles round Wales”. I could drop the word “walks” to give more scope, eg - Conrad Beats the Welsh Bounds.