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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Marros to Jameston

Wednesday 8th June - day 50

I left a note for the camp site owner
saying I would send payment when I return home. I was away at 7:15am.

The cafe in zzz,8 which is where the Pembrokeshire Coast Path starts, had not opened. I followed the switchback path to Saundersfoot where I paid dearly for a bacon sandwich, tea, and apple pie. The quality was good but teapots were not available and I was presented with a sort of Art Deco mug with the tea bag still swimming, and another big gripe from this grumpy old man - the seats were too low for the tables placing one in a continually reaching up position. This is a universal problem that I have not heard other people complain about. I wonder why?

Coming into Tenby a steep path had been paved with some peculiar concrete sets which looked like oversize waffles with pointed corners; all I can say is that the guy who decided to put them there should be made to walk twenty mules on them himself.

If you want to get fit walk The Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Steep ascent follows steep descent at short but regular and excruciatingly painful intervals.

Having stated all my grumbles the scenery is a coastal addicts dream with savage cliffs, spuming foam, fascinatingly clear water in many shades of blue, and wind and sunshine in abundance - wonderful!

At one point the path circumnavigated a military firing range. I saw a noisy, and I guessed radio controlled plane in the air which suddenly cut it's motor then dramatically deployed a red parachute, and all this over the sea, but the strong wind brought the whole thing back within the confines of the range to land.

I have camped at Jameston and am currently eating in The Swan Lake Inn
Which is satisfactory but not worth reporting in detaIl.

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