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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - three Cliffs Bay to Pitton Cross

Thursday 2nd June - day 44
A bad start to a good day. I left my Mili charger with the site shop overnight. They didn't open until 8.30 so it meant a late start, but they had promised to make me a couple of ham rolls fresh for my breakfast, and they also served coffee, so I opted for the late start.
In character with the gourmand image I seem to have created I was so focused on wolfing my breakfast it was only when I had walked for fifteen minutes and descended about three hundred feet to the beach that I realised I had forgotten Mili, and I had to go back up the steep rocky path and look silly.
After that the Gower turned on its charms. The views got better and better. I had a great walk across the huge expanse of Oxwich Beach to find the Oxwich Bay Hotel where I had two cups of coffee and a small piece of Welsh fruit cake - £8.80. I thought that was a bit steep but the place was posh, and the coffee scored ten out of ten.
There is no doubt the Gower has spectacular coastline with rocky cliffs, huge and mini unpopulated beaches with golden sands contrasting with blue sea and sky on this hot sunny day. I met and chatted to various people who strangely seemed to have a concensus about the Gower versus Pembroke coast paths comparison, in that they thought they both had their own merits and should not really be compared.
I met two guys, Tom and John  who seemed to have been  looking for a good surfing spot without success ( I may be wrong about that). It seems that surfing depends on local knowledge because certain locations are only any good when certain circumstances coincide to produce good surfing waves. These two were climbing a barbed wire fence into a field occupied by cows and a bull. Surf boards had already been thrown across in a virtually irretrievable position so they were comitted to follow. We had a bit of banter about all this, and so I went on my way. Fifteen minutes later I came across them again resting not realising they had been taking a shortcut. About ten minutes after this when I had gone through a series of stiles and three hundred and sixty degrees I came across Tom and John again which was a bit embarrassing because they had obviously found the direct route.
I am now at Pitton Cross Caravan Park where the staff have been very helpful trying to find accommodation for me tomorrow, but to no avail. This is a well run site with a shop selling a limited amount of food - it would always be worth a visit.
Everything seems to have come good today except for finding lodgings for tomorrow. We seem to hsve entered a spell of good weather, and the ankle has totally recovered - it's like a true miracle- how could it be after a week of quite severe pain it has suddenly come good? Perhaps JP would like to make a learned comment about this. 

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1 comment:

John Proud said...

I think your ankle recovery is directly related to all the cake you've been scoffing.
More likely the adrenalin and hormones [at your age?] generated in your system by your daily adventures. So much for physiotherapy!
On a more serious note go careful around the Milford refineries - you may have heard of yesterdays explosion with 4 people killed.
It was a hot day today 26+ even up on Black Crag, Pike O Blisco where we've been climbing. Lakes packed today with lots of 'motorists' trying to get over Wrynose.
Cooler next few days for you.