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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lulu self publish - Conrad Walks Wales, (and baby talk)

At last the Lulu self publish book of my Welsh boundary walk this summer  has been uploaded to Lulu.

I wrote the journal and integrated the pictures in a Word document using Lulu's template,  and my daughter Jill* has been helping me to upload the file to Lulu for publishing.

We encountered several problems converting the Word doc to a pdf in a form acceptable to Lulu, and one of these related to text embedding. I must thank Alan Rayner for some useful advice which eventually solved that problem.
This is a drastically pixel-reduced  photo  from Lulu's website - the text in the oval frame reads "Over one thousand miles walking round the boundary of Wales"

Conrad Walks Wales will be the sixth of these books that I have commissioned and I reckon it will be the best (I am still awaiting my copy). This time I have made photos bigger and most have been enhanced and cropped to some extent using Photoshop. This book runs to 237 pages; for anybody interested it can be bought as a hardback at a net cost of £36.29 or as a pdf download for £5.00 by visiting  and entering Conrad Walks in the search box.


* Jill - Some of my readers will know my daughter Jill, and I feel that now is the time to announce the fact that she is expecting, and I will hopefully become a granddad for the first time in October. Further relevant reports will no doubt follow.


Relucent Reader said...

Bought and read your first, 'Land's End to John o'Groats". Enjoyed it very much. Glad to see the photos will be larger in this one, there were some nice photos in "land's end", tho trying to read the captions was a bit frustrating.
77 days: a tip of the hat to you, Sir.

Sir Hugh said...

RR - I'm glad you enjoyed the LEJOG book. Although I had written the journal I never revised it for publishing because it was hijacked by my daughter without my knowledge.

I also have always been infatuated with aircraft. I dabbled in aeromodelling in my youth and later with my son using radio control. Last month I spent the weekend in my caravan at a big rally which included non stop model aeroplane flying, many of them now jet powered - very impressive.

I prefer the more eccentric aircraft designs like the Lysander and the Corsair.

The sound of RR Merlin engines raises the hairs on my neck - in the film of The Dambusters the pilots were given permission to go beyond the rev limits in order to make the steep climb out after bombing the dams, and that high pitched drama comes across so well on the sound track.

Barrett Bonden said...

Good old RR (that's him not me in my unshrouded form) doesn't do an awful lot of posts or comments but when he does they're always worthwhile.

I think changing the title of this book was worthwhile - it's far easier to say.

Excellent pic of Jill but it's going to encourage incidental scrutiny. Politicians often have themselves pictured against a backdrop of book spines and it's a natural instinct to get out the magnifying glass and find out what they are claiming to have read. Pristine book jackets are the give-away - not read, only there for show.

Sir Hugh said...

BB - I hope this means an accolade from RR (not Rolls Royce) is to be valued.

The book title - yes - the most simple looking results are often the product of the most considered deliberation (Occam’s razor prevails).

I’m glad you made the point about posing with one’s books; it gives me a chance to comment, the need for which I had the feeling for at the time, but ditched in the interests of brevity.

I am sure we all go for the magnifying glass on these occasions, but on TV this is not possible. The background books on this dedicated shelf are those devoted to my outdoor interests, and not the books I would have chosen to display if I had wanted to boast that I have read a fair amount of classic literature, but having said that, most of the books in the pic are walking and climbing guides, and other books of reference that have been well used.

John Proud said...

Hi Conrad.
Don't think my last comment reached you. Just back from the Apennines, what lovely weather to come back to.
Sorry to hear you didn't make the Pyrenees - hope your knee's feeling better.
Will be in touch.