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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Should Amazon define your reading list?

For some time I have intended to buy The Elements of Style - William Strunk and E.B. White.
Amazon were aware of this ambition and today they informed me  a second hand copy was reduced from £7 something to £4 something, so I girded up my loins and placed the order.
Amazon then obligingly informed me that “Customers who bought this book also bought...”, and then the enigma unfolds.
Reading down the list there is a Robert Harris novel, and then Prague Fatale by Philip Kerr, which are reasonably likely in combo with the Strunk, but then we have Jamie’s Great Britain by Jamie Oliver.

I can only assume that the person who bought Elements of Style and the Jamie book bought the latter to send as a present to someone they didn’t like.


Roderick Robinson said...

Intending to buy Strunk/White means that during that time you were on the way to Hell. It is good to hear you are now ascending on a pair of white wings towards enlightenment. But reading it isn't enough: try doing a short post on something discouraging (I for instance have just done veruccas) with parentheses indicating points at which S/W was applied.

The Crow said...

Strunk and White share the same shelf in my library as The Transitive Vampire, both of which I find are good reading.

Congratulations on your impending grandparenthood, Sir Hugh. There is nothing like it; pure joy!

Sir Hugh said...

BB - I am taking your advice, but I have packed a parachute just in case.

The Crow - I was not aware of "the vampire" - I intend to look on Amazon - I seem to be making daily purchases there at the moment, for reasons I hope to unveil in a forthcoming post.

Grandparenthood is approaching at exponential speed. I am told we are on amber alert at the moment.